New Jerusalem
Risti on vanhan kristillisen kirkon symboli, joka kuvaa kiusauksia
 ja kärsimystä, mutta Uuden Jerusalemin symboli on kruunu, 
joka kuvaa voittoa kiusauksista (lat. corona; Jes. 62:3).
Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).

"Vaimo, vaatetettu auringolla, ja 
kuu hänen jalkojensa alla,..".
 (Ilm. 12: 1).









4. Question: What are the greatest problems on this planet?


Swedenborg wrote about present-day people in the spiritual world (after Swedenborg’s time people have become still worse, especially in western countries): “But the inhabitants, of whom they are a picture, live not near the end of the forest, but across a great intervening desert, so that they can be kept apart and separated from the peoples of earlier ages. They are too of quite an alien and different nature from them. Admittedly they have their heads above their chests, their chests above their hips, their hips above their feet, like the primeval people. But their heads contain not a scrap of gold, their chests not a scrap of silver, and their hips not a scrap of bronze; nor indeed is there a scrap of unmixed iron in their feet. But their heads contain iron mixed with clay, their chests iron and clay mixed with bronze, their hips the same too mixed with silver, their feet these mixed with gold. This inversion has turned them from human beings into sculptures of human beings, lacking all internal cohesion. For what was highest has become lowest, the head has become the heel and vice versa. As we look from heaven they seem like clowns who stand upside down and walk on their hands; or like animals that lie flat on their backs, lifting their feet in the air, and burying their heads in the ground, to look up to the sky.” (Conjugial Love, 79).

The same told us Johann W. von Goethe in Faust:

So now we claim another rule as best, With deep abyss transposed to mountain crest; What’s more, they found their doctrine on this base, And give to lowest things the highest place; Free from the thraldom of the fiery pit, We take the air with lordship infinite, A mystery manifest, for long concealed, And to the peoples but of late revealed. (Ephes. 6.12)

Mankind’s descent has reached the bottom. That is why we need a New Divine Revelation which is complete and total, that is, the last and eternal. And this is the Revelation by Emanuel Swedenborg which is rational and destined for the whole world. The whole world’s values are now upside down. The New Church enforcing the New Heavenly Doctrine with its applications is the only remedy. That means applications in every field of human life: in theology, philosophy, information science, psychology, social sciences and politics, economical sciences, natural sciences, art and in practical life. Dragonists try to separate religion and life, that is, faith and charity. No politics in the New Church life they cry. But life is politics. And politics is life.

What is the greatest problem on our planet?

In the question 3 I dealt a little with Jewish religion and Jewish power on our planet. The Jewish religion and politics of the International Jewish Intelligentsia are literally the Devil himself on our planet (World Explained, 1712). I am absolutely sure that the increasing Jewish (or Khazarian or Zionist) power is the greatest menace and problem on our planet and if we do not solve first this problem we fail to solve all other problems because this power is leading us to a nuclear war, the WW III.

I already have mentioned two famous Jews who have understood this problem and who know that if the Secret Jewish World Government is permitted to continue their politics it is a real menace to all the Jews’ existence in the world. I mean professor Israel Shahak and Mr.Benjamin Freedman. Their writings and also other useful information you can find in the web site The Jews are trying to extinguish this site at present and if you do not find them try in Altavista or in Google with the words radioislam. I do not accept all the materials in this site but in fact it is a real library of the Jewish question.

The Jewish propaganda has worked intensively after the WW II with the lie “six million Jews killed in the WW II” and this is the reason why most people, especially in western countries, have a total misconception of the Jews or Khazars and of their infernal nature. Many people consider the Jews as innocent victims of Nazis and feel sympathy with them knowing nothing about the crimes of the Jewish Intelligentsia who has succeeded in brainwashing the whole population of our planet. “Six million” is the biggest and most profit-making lie in the world’s history and the Jews have earned with it an astronomical sum of money and grounded upon it an illegal and infernal State of Israel. In spite of this you must remember that most of the Jews or Khazars are just normal and decent people who have nothing to do with this Secret Jewish World Government. I suppose that over 90 % of the whole Jewish population is not guilty of the crimes of the Zionist Intelligentsia.

I began to study Jewish politics when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated which was a work of the Secret Jewish World Government. A book published in 1993 in the USA shows that the Jews really were behind the assassination and behind dozens of cover-up murders (Michael Collins PiperFinal Judgment). Nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu also told the same fact in the summer of 2004. President Kennedy was assassinated because he resisted Israel’s nuclear weapon programme. To assassinate a president of a friendly country, which has assisted Israel with billions of dollars, proves utmost insolence and deceitfulness. The same kind of insolence was evidenced by President Franklin Roosevelt and his Jewish advisors when they did not warn military officers of the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which Washington knew at least twelve hours before. So the Secret Jewish World Government succeeded in ensnaring the USA into the WW II which cost millions of lives and billions of dollars and this only in the best interest of the Secret Jewish World Government.

In 2000 a Finnish Swedenborgian society Tabernaculum Dei ry published a translation from English into Finnish from a book dealing with the murder of the Romanovs: The Las Days of the Romanovs; How Tsar Nicholas II and Russia’s Imperial Family Were Murdered by Robert Wilton, London 1920. The translation was made by me. The book disclosed that the Jews were behind the murders and behind the whole October Revolution. The power of the Jews in Finland was brought to light from the following. I tell you this in order to show how deeply even the highest Finnish authorities are brainwashed concerning the Jews. All the text I wrote was based on authentic documents but regardless of that the Finnish Prosecutor-General demanded me a prison sentence. The prosecution against me was: “At the request of Johannes Koskinen, Minister of Justice of Finland, Jorma Äijälä, Prosecutor-General of Finland, demands Benjamin Stone’s imprisonment on the basis of the following quotations – and solely of them – written by Mr. Stone in the introduction to The Last Days of the Romanovs by Robert Wilton translated into Finnish by Mr. Stone. The Prosecutor-General’s demand is based on the following enactments: the Penal Code, chapter 11, section 8 (incitement against an ethnic group) and the Penal Code, chapter 17, section 10 (violation of freedom of worship).” Behind the procedure were Finnish Jews and Freemasons. It is criminal in Finland to publish the following quotations which are from the Introduction I wrote to the book mentioned here:

”There is only one reason for this introduction and translation: a wish to warn people against a serious danger threatening all mankind. The danger is a kind of gigantic mafia working in secret and very effectively. The Russian Revolution and the murder of the Imperial Family constitute only one of the accomplishments of this mafia. The expanding of two wars to world wars is also a proof of the skill of this mafia. And the next target is the third world war. This mafia have succeeded in covering their blood-stained history with systematic lies, and today hardly anybody knows about their activities. I have been investigating their activities for a quarter of a century and I know what I am writing about.” (Page 1)

”In today’s opinion climate few people have the courage of presenting facts about Jewish involvement in politics even though facts of this kind would astonish many people. In the following I shall tell you something about the history of the Russian Jews. Thus, I want to show that in our day’s opinion climate the opinions about the Jews are based on manipulative views, not on facts.” (Pages 2 and 3).
”The present-day study of history answers the question clearly. The Russian Jews and most of the Jews of the world are not descended from the Palestinian Jews; they are descendants of the Khazarian people who were converted to Judaism around 740 A.D. Without this conversion there would hardly be any Jews or their number would at least be very insignificant. This fact about the history of the Jews is not mentioned in textbooks or encyclopaedias apart from the Jews’ own books and a few exceptions. Why? If this fact had been published before the UN general assembly at the end of 1947, Palestine would not have been partitioned and the state of Israel would not have come into existence.” (Page 3)

”It is a historical fact that over 90% of the world’s Jewish population are descended from the Khazars. In addition, the Khazars have merged the Shepardim into themselves, so it is natural to speak about Khazars when we speak about the people who call themselves Jews. In this text I use the words Khazars and Jews synonymously.” (Page 6)

”The October usurpation of power in 1917 was a 100% Khazarian operation although people were taken in by theories created for this usurpation by K. Marx and V. Lenin, both of Khazarian descent.” (Page 7)

”In the fist years of the Russian usurpation of power the Bolsheviks, led by the Khazars, murdered the following numbers of people according to the official sources (in addition to tens of thousands who were transferred to concentration camps and held hostage):

One Imperial Family (seven Christians)

28 Archbishops and Bishops

6,775 Priests

6,575 Teachers

8,800 Doctors

54,850 Army Officers

260,000 Soldiers

150,000 Police Officers

48,000 Gendarmes

355,250 Intellectuals

198,000 Workers

915,000 Peasants

It was considered to be a sufficient justification for murder to label people as ’class enemies’ or ’counterrevolutionaries’, but in reality the Russian elite were eliminated in order to prevent the Russians from starting a counterrevolution against the Khazars. After all, the Khazars were a small minority in Russia, and the risk of being exposed was removed by murdering the Russian intelligentsia. To know the history and the real nature of the Khazars is the key to understanding the history of the world after the year 1917 as Benjamin Freedman puts it. The murdering of the Tsar and his family was only a continuation of the Khazarian tradition to use murder for political reasons.”(Page 7)

”In order to understand the policy of the Khazars, that is of the Jews we have to get acquainted with their religion. The Khazarian religion is based on the Talmud which is a collection of Torah interpretations of the rabbis. The Torah is the same as the Books of Moses in the Bible. The Talmud is a written continuation of the ’tradition of the elders’, against which Jesus taught and which he called the leaven of the Pharisees. The Talmud is a horrible book. It contains writings which could not be published legally in Finland today. The central themes of the Talmud include the racial superiority of the Jews, the extermination of the Christians and the Jews’ pursuit of world domination. According to the Talmud the Jews, as a nation, are the Messiah, who own all the wealth of the world and who must subject all the peoples of the world to their slaves. The Jews have to obey the Mosaic Law among themselves but not in relation to Goyim, that is to say non-Jewish people. According to the Talmud the Goyim are not humans. Because decades of false pro-Jewish propaganda have provided the Finns with completely wrong ideas of the Jews, I shall attach an extract from the letter of a Finnish theologian (Brother Benjamin: My First Letter to the Congregation of the New Jerusalem).” (Page 9)

”The Talmud teaches the Jews to conquer the world and exterminate the Christians because, as a nation, they are the Messiah themselves. ’To present the Messiah – without metaphor – the Jewish nation’ (Kethubth IIIa, footnote 4). The Talmud is the official ideology of the present-day ’Jews’. It is also the official ideology of the state of Israel. Its real purpose is to conquer the world and to exterminate the Christians as the Talmud puts it. But the Jews have succeeded in concealing this and many people think of Israel as an ordinary state, even the state of God. Anyone who has adopted the teachings of the Talmud is a two-footed devil, and the state of Israel is literally the state of the Devil on earth.” (Pages 10 and 11)

”The Khazarian affection for plundering and betraying the Christians achieved its most glorious triumph in international banking business. In the late 18th century, the Khazarian speculator Mayer Amschel Rothschild succeeded in building an international banking system which is based on usury and has perverted the monetary system of the world and enslaved practically every nation. Besides the Rothschilds, many other Khazarian families, especially the Warburgs, have also succeeded in deceiving and plundering whole nations.” (Page 11)

”Today the USA is astronomical sums in debt to Khazarian bankers, who have done nothing but coin, print and lend money. Everyone can imagine how fabulously rich for example the bank of the Warburg’s is, being able to lend enormous sums of money to dozens of states. The Jewish banks have not, however, benefited mankind; they have merely lent money with simple or compound interest. That is where the cancerous malignant tumour lies in the economy of all mankind. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was an enthusiastic reader of the Talmud and he instructed his ten children like this: the Goyim (non-Jews) consist of animal excrement only and the riches of the world belong to the Jews (Count Cherep-Spiridovich: The Secret World Government). This is the ideology behind the Khazarian banks even today. In accordance with their Talmud ideology the Khazarian bankers have spent money in exterminating Christians. Many wars have been started or at least supported by the Khazars, such as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the American Civil War, the Spanish Civil War, the First and the Second World War, and later the wars of the USA and Israel. At the moment the Khazarian bankers and the rest of the Khazarian elite are preparing the third world war in order to achieve their target, total world domination.” (Page 12) Another area captured by the Khazars is the media. The Khazars have seized almost all the western means of communication with the capital they have defrauded by means of their banking business.” (Page 12)

”With their media mafia the Khazars persecute people, support their sympathizers, concealing their own crimes. They propagate false ideas of themselves. They mask their Khazarian origin, they play the role of descendants of ancient Hebrews and they exaggerate the pogroms of the Nazis.” (Pages 12 and 13)

”A tremendous media drumming over ’the six million sacrifices of the Nazis’ has been going on for more than fifty years and it is accepted as a plain historical truth in spite of the fact that no indubitable proofs have been presented in favour of the argument; there are numerous proofs against it. It is a fact that the concentration camps were labour camps, not extermination camps. The Zyklon gas used in the gas chambers destroyed the lice which caused spotted fever, not human beings.” (Page 13)

”The pogroms of the Nazis have been magnified tenfold. The German concentration camps did not differ much from those in other countries.” (Page 13)

”Every honest scholar of history who dares to open his mouth and tell the truth that there is no evidence of Holocaust is stamped as Anti-Semitic or Neo-Nazi and his career is destroyed or he has a heart attack and dies poisoned by Mossad, the Intelligence Agency of Israel.” (Page 13)

” Holocaust is a lie produced by the Khazars, and it has enabled them to collect an immense sum of money and to win sympathy; it is also the base on which they have succeeded in building the state of Israel by robbing the Palestinians of their homeland.” (Page 13)

”The words of Jesus about the Jews as murderers and liars also fit exactly in with the present-day Khazars who follow the Talmud. Mossad, the Intelligence Agency of Israel, poisons every year hundreds of people who know about the Khazarian descent of the Jews or are opposed to Israel and Zionism in one way or another.” (Page 14)

”The Khazars are the best organized people in the world and they are active inside every nation. In fact, the Khazars are a kind of big mafia. But they are very ingenious in hiding their activities. Mossad, the Intelligence Agency of Israel, has spread to every corner of the world. It murders people, organizes and sponsors demonstrations, and it is the promoter of many civil wars. The Mossad is always supported by local Jews, who consider it a matter of honour to assist the Mossad.” (Page 15)

”One of the recent crimes of the Khazars is the Gulf War, at which Iraq, which constituted a threat to Israel, was destroyed. Iraq was made to occupy Kuwait when the USA had made it clear that it would not interfere. This was only an ingenious trick of the Khazars.” (Page 15)

”The bombings in Yugoslavia were also a Khazarian-style operation.” (Page 16)

”The secret Khazarian top elite resorts to the help of the Goyim elite in the conquering of the world. This new Brzezinsky model of dictatorship is based on a completely secret wielding of power, of which the general public is never informed. The Khazars are superior wielders of secret power. They have practised it for hundreds of years. ’The latest brainwashing method’, that is to say scientific lying was used to support the terror bombings in Iraq and Yugoslavia. I have been told that former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is the most influential Khazar today – a kind of secret king of the Khazars, the ’Messiah’. He leads the secret top elite of the Jews as well as the Bilderberg group. His recent articles on the urgent necessity of an antimissile system (Washington Post, 9th Feb 2000 ) refer to the decision of the Khazarian elite to start world war three in the near future. Neutron bombs and satellite intelligence make a victorious war of aggression possible unlike the out-of-date atomic and hydrogen bombs.” (Page 17)


”The Khazarian elite tries to weaken other nations systematically so as to make it easier to conquer the world. AIDS, drug business, pornography, entertainment based on violence and refugee policy are Khazarian weapons in weakening other nations.” (Page 17)

”The murder of the Tsar and his family was a cowardly deed. Robert Wilton’s book bears witness to the fact that the Khazars were behind the murder. Those who murder innocent children for political purposes do not deserve the protection of concealing their deeds. I feel a great disgust for the international Jews on account of the hideous crimes they committed in Russia in 1917 – 1999, in the two World Wars, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Palestine, and in Yugoslavia. Without the destructive activities of the Jews Russia, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yugoslavia would be flourishing states today. The blood of tens of millions of innocent people oozes from the hands of the international Jews, although they have succeeded in hiding their crimes with their international power. It is now time to tell the truth and demand the conviction of those guilty. I have been investigating the activities of the Khazars for more than a quarter of a century and my conclusion is the following: The Khazars are a gigantic and extremely well organized group which structurally resembles the Italian mafia but is much bigger, more dangerous and more effective. The objective of the Khazars is to carry out the teachings of the Talmud, that is: to conquer the world, to exterminate the Christians and to subject all nations to slavery. The international activity of the Khazars is based on deception, usury, media power and outright murders, and is an outrageous crime against humanity. The Khazars are not a nation or an ethnic group but a gigantic criminal mafia threatening the existence of all nations. Although many ordinary Khazars are decent people, they, however, constitute the last ring in the chain that is led and exploited by the Khazarian top elite in order to put the horrible objectives of the Talmud into practice.” (Page 19)

Above quotations of my text ended in a penalty of fine in 2004 but I have appealed the case to a higher court. The book was published by our Swedenborgian society, the Tabernaculum Dei ry, and it was a work of charity. But it also showed how great power the Jews have through the Freemason organization and “Israel’s friends” in Finland. It is permitted to tell lies about the Jews (“six million” etc.) but it is criminal to tell the truth about the crimes of the Jewish Intelligentsia.

I have studied the power of the Secret Jewish World Government many decades and I can conclude that it is based mainly on following organizations, politics, institutes, and tactics:


 1. The nearly total hegemony in the international banking business through Jewish banks. This enables vast opportunities for bribery and blackmail. Nearly all countries owe great sums of money to Jewish banks.


 2. The Federal Reserve (the central bank of the USA) is dominated by Jewish banks. They own it and coin, print and lend money to the USA which has astronomical sums in debt to the Jewish bankers. This guarantees them fabulous income.


 3. The Jewish Freemason organization B’nai B’rith is the world’s most powerful society which operates in every country. It is guiding other Freemason organizations (over seven million members in the world) but it is itself closed for other than Jewish members. On the other hand, the Jews are accepted to all Freemason organizations of Gentiles (or Goyim). This is the core of the Jewish power mechanism. Most of the Gentile Freemasons do not know that they are under the Jewish supervision and guidance. The Gentiles think that the Freemason organization is a harmless society in which they meet useful persons concerning business and social life. They do not realize that the Freemason organization is the most brilliant and infernal contrivance what the Jews ever have invented. With the Freemason organization the Jews prevent the ingenious non-Jew and help the mediocre and stupid non-Jew to get high positions in every field of life and hereby reinforce their own power and influence. B’nai B’rith also leads many other Jewish organizations, such as ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and JDL (Jewish Defence League). ADL persecutes anti-Semites, that is, all people who are brave enough to criticize Israel and Zionism. ADL has extremely great power in the USA and can destroy every citizen’s career and prevent every action which is disadvantageous to Israel. JDL is a terrorist organization who has an own army for example in New York. It murders dozens of anti-Semites every year. ADL, JDL and some other Jewish organizations cooperate with mafias and security services.


 4. The Jews are the best organized people in the world and they have strong organizations in every country: “ All-Judaan has its vice-governments in every capital” (Henry Ford, Sr.). These are composed of the members of the World Jewish Congress and of the World Zionist Organization. Most of the Jews (Khazars) are more loyal to Israel and international Zionism than to their own country. You can read proofs of this from They have nearly total hegemony in international media. In the USA and Canada, the Jews own most of the big newspapers, magazines, canals of television and of the radio, film producers, publishers, news agencies etc. The same is coming on in Europe and other parts of the world. With their media power the Jews reinforce the lie about “six millions” and embellish Israel’s and Zionists’ politics.


 5. Many Christian churches are in favour of Israel and Zionism, especially the churches of “fundamentalism”. There also are many kinds of societies of “Israel’s friends” who consider the Jews as “a chosen people”. These organizations disseminate positive information about Israel and the Jews and are totally blind regarding negative facts. Their beliefs are grounded on the Old Testament and they discard all that Jesus told about the Jews (John 8: 44). They do not know that present-day Jews are not of Hebrew but of Khazarian origin.


 6. The Jews also have great power in organizations such as The Bilderbergers, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, not to speak of different UN organizations. Generally speaking, the Jews or Khazars have much more power than the other peoples because of their extension over the whole world and their most intensive ultra national collaboration. I use the words Jew and Khazar as synonyms.

7. Karl Marx was a son of a Khazarian banker who wrote his doctrine dictatorship of the proletariat for the world conquest by the Khazars. However, this world capture by communism failed. The ancestors of Karl Marx had been for more than 300 years rabbis, so the infernal spirit of Talmud was in him from birth. The greatest sin of Karl Marx was to unite socialism to atheism which is a kind of devilish marriage. Socialism must unite to genuine religion and this is a kind of heavenly marriage. Capitalism has succeeded well economically because people are nowadays so selfish and greedy. But socialism can beat capitalism in every aspect when socialism is being united to genuine religion. Today a Jew in the role of Marx is scholar Zbigniew Brzezinsky who has created a new model of dictatorship which is still more dreadful than Marxism. In this model the whole world is led by an elite, that is, intelligentsia which would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public opinion and keeping society under close surveillance and control (Z. Brzezenski: Between Two Ages, USA 1970). This kind of elite has already been for a long time and it is composed of the members of the so-called Bilderbergers group, the leading Freemasons, CFR (The Council of Foreign Relations), TC (The Trilateral Commission) and a few other powerful societies. Above all these groups is a Secret Jewish or Khazarian World Government which is comprised of the management of the Jewish Freemason organization (B´nai B´rith) and of its battle organization (ADL), leading members of Rothschilds, Warburgs and other Jewish banking families, Israel’s leading rabbis and other Khazarian elite. This Khazarian elite makes use of the non-Jewish elite to help in the world conquest. This new dictatorship model of Brzezinsky is based on totally secret exercise of power about which the general public may never know anything. The Khazars are superior in exercising secret power in which they have experience of hundreds of years. September 11th terror action and the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq are typical examples of the actions of this Khazarian elite or the Secret Jewish World Government. Today’s most important Khazar is former Minister for Foreign Affairs of the USA Henry Kissinger who has an enormous international power. He leads the Secret Khazarian International Government. Every Khazarian rabbi also has political power and they take care of the fact that everything takes place in the spirit of Devil, that is, of the Talmud. The political centre of the Khazars is Jerusalem and the centre of the robbing by finance is New York. This elite of the Khazars leads the general opinion of the world with latest modern technique for influencing public opinion, in other words with the scientific methods of manipulation.


 8. The UN and the USA. The Security Council of the UN is a Jewish weapon against all their opponents. One can understand this when noticing how the USA uses veto. The USA always acts in favour of Israel. The organization of the UN also is such that it favours the Secret Jewish World Government. Members who have right of veto in the Security Council have too much power and that is why the UN does not represent all its members and is not a democratic forum. Nowadays the USA does not care about the resolutions of the UN as in the present war against Iraq and this makes the UN impotent to resolve international problems especially if they concern Israel and its neighbours. The first step developing the UN would be to eliminate the right of veto.


 9. The lie “six million” is the most effective Jewish weapon with which they are now above all critique and can continue their infernal and criminal politics because nobody will be stamped as “anti-Semite”. This lie is now accepted universally as a fact due to massive Jewish propaganda. But this “fact” is easy to prove to be a big lie. The authoritative World Almanac gives the number of Jews in 1940 (p. 129) 15,319,359 and in 1949 (p. 289) the number is 15,713,638. If the World Almanac’s figures are correct, the world’s Jewish population did not decrease in the war decade but showed a small increase. The American occupation authorities in Germany carried out a post-war investigation to ascertain the number of persons who perished in the concentration camps. According to their report published 1951, 1,2 million people died in these camps during the whole period of their existence. This number includes Jews, Gypsies, Ukrainians and all other nationalities, i. e. all prisoners who died in the concentration camps. The highest possible estimate of the number of Jews who perished cannot, therefore, be put higher than 400,000 or 500,000 persons. In comparison with this, Christian nations suffered immeasurably greater losses. The lie “six million” was invented for to get sympathy in order to lay foundation of the Jewish State of Israel. Israel is grounded through lies, briberies (many UN delegations were bribed in UN partition of Palestine in 1947) and by terrorism (violence against British officials and Arabs in Palestine).


 10. The Mossad. The Mossad is the most effective, unscrupulous, ruthless, harsh, heartless, unprincipled, pitiless, inconsiderate, Machiavellian, cruel and criminal intelligence organization in the world. Its crimes are inconceivable. Its effectiveness is based on the cooperation of nearly all the Jews in every country and on its high technology and information arsenal without comparison. The Mossad is always supported by local Jews, who consider it a matter of honour to assist the Mossad. It files every ”anti-Semite” in every country and has the finest methods to murder its opponents. The Mossad was playing along with September 11th attack but did not warn Americans because the whole procedure was an invention of the Jewish Intelligentsia for beginning a crusade against Muslim fighters and other opponents of Zionism under the name “war against terrorism”. The Mossad with ADL organized the assassination of President Kennedy.


11. The Jewish Intelligentsia has succeeded in criminalizing ”anti-Semitism” and even denying the ”Holocaust” in many European countries. Holocaust denial is illegal in a number of European countries: Austria (article 3h Verbotsgesetz 1947), Belgium (Belgian Negationism Law), the Czech Republic under section 261, France (Loi Gayssot), Germany (§ 130 (3) of the penal code) also the Auschwitzlüge law section 185, Lithuania, The Netherlands under articles 137c and 137e, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland (article 261bis of the Penal Code). In addition, under Law 5710-1950 it is also illegal in Israel. They are now trying to incorporate the same into the constitution of European Union. This means that to tell the truth about the crimes of the Jewish Intelligentsia is a crime. This procedure with the “war against terrorism” would guarantee them nearly absolute power against their opponents in Europe.. If it will be accepted all critique against the Jews is illegal in European Union.


12. The USA. The USA is not an independent (or is just formally) country but a Jewish stooge. But ordinary American citizens do not know this because of the Jewish Media Mafia. The Jewish Intelligentsia has nearly total power in the USA. Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told in Israel’s radio on the 3rd of October 2001 that “We, Jewish people, control America” when Shimon Peres warned him about reactions of the USA. Now the USA is leading a war against “terrorists”, that is, against Israel’s enemies. Few people remember that a Jewish terrorist leader Menachem Begin (leader of the terrorist organization Irgun Zwai Leum) got with Anwar Sadat Nobel Peace Prize in 1978. The USA under the guidance of Israel and the Jewish Intelligentsia is the world’s terrorist number one. The last attack against Iraq in 2003 is a proof of this. The attack was made at the behest of the Jews in the USA (AIPAC) and Israel’s leaders. The honour of the attack on the11th September in New York belongs to New York citizen Zbigniew Brzezinsky but not to Osama bin Laden. You can find more facts about these events from the web sites mentioned above. It may be possible that in future millions or maybe tens of millions of innocent Americans will lose their lives thanks to their relying and loyalty to the American Jews and Israel. So they did in the WW I and II.

13. Israel. Israel is the Devil’s own state as Swedenborg anticipated in the Word Explained, 1712. It is based on lies, briberies and terrorism by the Secret Jewish World Government. It is a deadly menace to the whole world and particularly to the neighbouring countries. Israel is a strong nuclear power who can threat every point on our planet with nuclear bombs from its U-boats. The population of Israel consists of the Jews, most of Khazarian origin, who have no right to live there. Palestinian Arabs in Israel do not have full right of citizenship despite the fact that they are the legal owners of the Holy Land. Israel is the centre of the Jewish, that is, Devilish World Power which has no right to exist. It is a duty of every honourable Christian to work towards annihilating Israel as a Jewish state. Palestine belongs to Palestinians. The Jews have robbed the Palestinians of their homeland. I do not write more about this subject but I recommend my reader to study this question in the web sites I have mentioned ( and ).

Question 4 was: What are the greatest problems on this planet? And my answer is that the greatest problem is the growing international power of the Jews which can lead to the Third World War, that is, to a nuclear war. Present-day ecological and other problems are in miniature compared with the same kind of problems after such a war. Therefore, it is the most important form of Christian charity to solve this greatest problem first. The Jews has power in the USA and its military forces are under their dominion. The Jews will stop every country to be military stronger than the USA.

I hope that many intelligent Jews will participate in this struggle à la Israel Shahak and Benjamin Freedman in order to prevent that the lie of “six million” would not to be a truth of “twenty millions”. Without participation of the anti-Zionist Jews one cannot crush the Secret Jewish World Government. Its crushing can save millions of lives of common innocent Jews. A Jewish historian, Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal, also shares this opinion in his book Zionist Connection. He sees in Zionism the greatest danger to the Jewish people and to the whole world.

Internet is now a new weapon which is not totally controlled by the Jewish Media Mafia. Internet can be used effectively to tell people the true nature of the Jewish religion and the infernal politics of the Secret Jewish World Government.

It is not surprising that the Security Council have never condemned threats made against Iran by the USA and Israel or the crimes of the Israeli regime. Here we see how the Security Council is in the service of Israel and the Secret Jewish World Government. Now the USA is preparing an attack on Iran because Israel is afraid of Iran’s possible nuclear weapons. That Israel is permitted to have nuclear weapons but its neighbours are not, is a proof of the power of the Secret Jewish World Government. The USA’s possible attack on Iran can lead to a large-scale war in the Middle East in a near future. If the Secret Jewish World Government succeeds in firing a new World War, it also means a total destruction of all Jewish people on our planet due to their leaders’ guilty of such a war. Now they cannot hide out by their Media Mafia thanks to Internet and the New Holy Jerusalem which is protected by the Lord Himself.

 The USA and Israel are preparing to attack Iran in near future. Every human being who believes in God is under the obligation of helping Iran in this battle by all means. The USA and Israel are criminal terrorists which are serving the Devil, the Secret Jewish World Government. Ordinary Americans are brainwashed by the Jewish Media Mafia and do not understand what is going on. The American Jews and Jews in other countries are guilty of that horrible manoeuvre for Israel.

In 1986 Mordechai Vanunu who had been a technician at the Dimona nuclear plant in Israel 1976-1985, talked to a London newspaper, the Sunday Times, about the Dimona plant, revealing that Israel had enough weapons-grade plutonium to arm 150 nuclear and thermo-nuclear devices. He also confirmed that the Israelis had helped South Africa detonate a nuclear device in september 1979. Soon after the resulting article appeared, Vanunu went missing. It later transpired that he had been lured from London to Rome by Israel’s Secret Service, the Mossad, kidnapped there and returned to Israel by clandestine means for trial on charges of espionage and treason. The trial opened in August 1987 under a blanket of secrecy and the following march he was sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment. In reality all that was only a theater. Vanunu was an agent of the Mossad and his task was to mask the real nuclear capacity of Israel. Vanunu is not spending time in jail but is living luxuriously in a small town in Israel. The fact is that in 1986 Israel had over 500 nuclear weapons, also many hydrogen bombs. After that Israel has become the leading nuclear power on our planet because it has today more neutron bombs. Israel is the greatest danger threatening the whole world. than U.S.A., Russia or China. It is the holy duty of the New Jerusalem to crush the head of the old snake (Genesis 3: 15). The head of that snake is the Secret Jewish World Government.