New Jerusalem
Risti on vanhan kristillisen kirkon symboli, joka kuvaa kiusauksia
 ja kärsimystä, mutta Uuden Jerusalemin symboli on kruunu, 
joka kuvaa voittoa kiusauksista (lat. corona; Jes. 62:3).
Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).

"Vaimo, vaatetettu auringolla, ja 
kuu hänen jalkojensa alla,..".
 (Ilm. 12: 1).






Question 5: What can the New Church people do to solve or to help to solve those problems?



The first thing for the member of the New Church is of course to take care of his own spiritual growth. It means Internal Divine Worship because the New Church is an internal church and external worship is abolished (Daniel 12: 11; Apocalypse Explained, 700: 35). One must first clean the internal man and after that the external. When the internal is enough clean, then the external can be cleaned by means of the internal. This is a long process which lasts many years or decades and is continued eternally. Just one whose internal and external are properly regenerated, can do real works of charity. The whole process of the Internal Divine Worship is generally the following, but every individual must develop his own system according to his temptations and the guidance of the Lord. Therefore, the order can vary greatly with every individual. But this is the starting point and the general formula. If one cannot do it every day, it is very advisable to do it at least once a week.

Internal Divine Worship
This worship is based on two principles: First confessing the Divine Trinity of the Lord Jesus Christ and second to live according to the Decalogue as the New Jerusalem teaches. I have found the following order when I was reading the Word. It is the highest form of Divine Service. It also is eternal because the New Holy Jerusalem is the Lords eternal Church.
Order of the Internal Service:
1. Begin your day by reading Exodus 20: 1-17 and Revelation 1: 12-18. This fulfils Revelation 15:3. “They sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying: ’Great and marvellous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!’”.
2. Read often the explanations of the Decalogue from the doctrine of the New Jerusalem. One can find the best explanations in The Apocalypse Explained in the parts Continuation from 934 to 1028 and in The True Christian Religion, Chapter V (see DECALOGUE).
3. Meditate every day on your own acts in regard to the Ten Commandments and avoid breaking these also in thoughts.
4. Confess every evening even a small sin in front of the Lord and ask for forgiveness and guidance away from the evil.
5. Speak the Decalogue by heart and read one Psalm every day. This and the passages above are the minimum amount of reading the Word daily. Of course it is useful to read more, especially Gospel.
6. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ for help in temptations. Reading Psalms are especially useful in temptations but the victory over a temptation is gained only by collaboration with God and man and this happens when man in temptations combats as of himself but knowing that the power comes from the Lord. Begin a new life after a conquered temptation.
7. Fight against evil and untrue also in everyday life according to the Heavenly Doctrine and to your own understanding.

The Internal Divine Service leads to the regeneration which is often a long process lasting years. The man who has been regenerated is described by the prophet Jeremiah as follows: “But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (Jeremiah 31: 33). The same is described by Isaiah concerning this New Holy Church in Chapter 65: 17-25: “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I create; For behold, I create Jerusalem as a rejoicing, And her people a joy. I will rejoice in Jerusalem, And joy in My people; The voice of weeping shall no longer be heard in her, Nor the voice of crying. No more shall an infant from there live but a few days, Nor an old man who has not fulfilled his days; For the child shall die one hundred years old, But the sinner being one hundred years old shall be accursed. They shall build houses and inhabit them; They shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit. They shall not build and another inhabit; They shall not plant and another eat; For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people, And My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. They shall not labor in vain, Nor bring forth children for trouble; For they shall be the descendants of the blessed of the Lord, And their offspring with them. It shall come to pass That before they call, I will answer; And while they are still speaking, I will hear. The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, The lion shall eat straw like the ox, And dust shall be the serpent's food. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain.” The man who has been regenerated lives in the protection of the Lord and nothing can hurt him. According to Swedenborg the hereditary evil from new-born parents is diminishing in the next generation and so after many generations the hereditary evil is diminishing more and more until it gives birth for a totally new human race – Homo bonus. This is a revolutionary idea for the New Church. This prophesies a new form of human race which is connected with the New Heaven. To bring forth a new human race is the holy commission of the New Church Clergy.

Faith in practical life:

And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish and honeycomb” (Luke 24: 42). Why did the disciples give a piece of a fried fish and honeycomb to resurrected Jesus? The “fish” means scientific, natural and sensual truths and “broiled” and “honeycomb” mean that goodness is included in these truths. This means that the teachers of the New Jerusalem who are disciples of the Lord have to study natural sciences, natural matters and even politics and have to teach them so that goodness will be included in them and infernal things in those things will be excluded. Otherwise, Faith and Charity are separated, that is, religion and life.
Today’s philosophy of the sciences and all the sciences serve atheistic materialism and lead mankind towards spiritual destruction. The scientific works of Swedenborg form a starting point to new sciences, philosophy and politics which produces uses for mankind and which combines religion, philosophy, sciences, arts and politics. In the end of the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century many members of the great pioneering families, Ford, Carnegie, Astor, du Pont etc. in the USA were reading works of Swedenborg. Swedenborg’s philosophy of the sciences could have become a branch of study at many universities in the USA but a battle between the big banks of Wall Street determined the matter. There were two opposite groups of bankers: Christian (J.P. Morgan, Montague Norman etc.) and Jewish (Rothschilds, Warburgs etc.). The Jews conquered and got the universities under their dominance (about in 1930) and lastly the whole USA. The same happened in Great Britain. Then the Jewish Intelligentsia started to destroy systematically Christian values according to their Talmud.
I will not take any authority for myself because I am only a cheap servant of the Lord, but it is my task to bring a spiritual-celestial influx into the New Jerusalem. This influx shows what is true and especially what is infernal. This influx shows the truth not only in theology but also in sciences, philosophy and politics. The Devil cannot deceive a spiritual-celestial man even though he often succeeds in deceiving a natural man. Today the Secret Jewish World Government has succeeded in cheating the whole world. The Jews have brainwashed all the nations and now they prepare to capture the whole planet. This is due to the fact that all Christian Churches have adored the Mammon instead of the Lord. The Jewish Intelligentsia has destroyed Christian religion and has made most of the Christians blind slaves of money.
Finally I want to repeat this: in the whole universe, at the present and in the future, there will be no better rule of life than that man has to live according to the Decalogue and at the same time confessing the Divine Trinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The right explanation of the Decalogue is in the works of Swedenborg (see DECALOGUE). God Himself wrote the Ten Commandments with His own fingers onto the Two Tables of Stone. And He makes it two times. Is this not the heaviest proof of that man ought to obey and to love those laws?

The answer to the question above is in summary:

1. Do live according to the Internal Divine Worship as explained above so that the spiritual and celestial influx from the heavens is enforcing with your neighbours, too.
2. Do apply the Heavenly Doctrine to everything. That means applications in every field of human life: theology, philosophy, information science, psychology, social sciences and politics, economical sciences, natural sciences, art and practical life.
3. Do participate in creating the New Church with Benjamin and not with Dragonists. There will be a spiritual war in the New Church organizations and a new organization beginning from the New Christian Intelligentsia should be established.
4. Do participate in extinguishing the Secret Jewish World Government by disseminating the following facts:

That the lie “six million” is the most effective Jewish weapon with which they are now above all critique and can continue their infernal and criminal politics because nobody will be branded as “anti-Semite”. This lie is now accepted universally as a fact due to massive Jewish propaganda. But this “fact” is easy to prove to be a big lie. The authoritative World Almanac gives the number of Jews. Here are some statistics. These facts are collected from Jewish organizations:
World Almanac, 1925, pg. 752 -- 15,630,000 Jews worldwide
World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 -- 15,630,000 Jews worldwide
National Council of Churches 1930 -- 15,600 ,000 Jews worldwide
March 24, 1933, Jewish newspaper Daily Express -- 14,000,000 Jews worldwide
World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 -- 15,316,359, ["The estimate for Jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American Jewish Committee"
World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 -- world Jewish population = 15,753,633
World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 -- world Jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany
American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 -- 15,600,000
World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population -- 15,319,359
World Almanac, 1941, pg. 510: World Jewish Population -- 15,748,091
World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849: World Jewish Population -- 15,192,089 ("Jews include Jews by race not necessarily by religion")
World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population -- 15,690,000
World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population -- 15,713,638

I hope that every Swedenborgian will spread these facts to other people.

That the Jews are not Semitic people but a people over 90 % of Khazarian origin who does not have any right to occupy Palestine where their ancestors have not even visited in the past. The State of Israel is the Devil’s own State. Swedenborg anticipated this (Word Explained, 1712).
That the Jewish religion is infernal and racist and diffuses the worst kind of infernal influx from the deepest hells into the world. The Jewish religion should be eradicated.
That the Jews as a whole are not a people, race or religion but a large Mafia whose only purpose is to conquer the world and to bring all the peoples to its dominion and its slaves according to the Talmud. Anyhow, as in other mafias most members of their families are normal and decent people; just the leaders are criminal, that is, the Secret Jewish World Government. To disclose facts about these questions, use articles of the web site:

That Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish State with nuclear weapons and U-boats. It is a menace to the world peace and to the existence of all the peoples. Israel is the Devil’s weapon. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Anti-Zionist Jews can live in peace with Palestinians in future Palestine without Zionists.
That the USA is an independent country but just formally. In reality it is not independent but just a Jewish stooge. But ordinary American citizens do not know this because of the Jewish Media Mafia. The Jewish Intelligentsia has nearly total power in the USA.

A list of books recommended for Swedenborgian people

The Jews have succeeded in brainwashing the peoples of the whole planet and one cannot from a library get proper information about the Judaism, the Talmud and about the Khazars and their leader’s crimes. The following books contain right information about these subjects. They are not written by members of the New Jerusalem and can contain errors. Anyhow, most of them have a Christian background.

Apion: Judaism in Action. USA 1963. Quotations of the Jews and non-Jews about Judaism.
Bacque, James: Crimes & Mercies, The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, 1944-1950. USA 1999. In the Jewish revenge after the World War II over nine millions German civil died.
Benson, Ivor: The Zionist Factor: The Jewish Impact on Twentieth Century History. USA 1992.
Brzezinski, Zbigniew: Between Two Ages. USA 1970. The new doctrine of the world dictatorship of the new elite.
Butz, Arthur R.: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, the Case against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry. USA 1977. Arthur Butz is an engineer (Ph. D.) who is specialized in execution methods. This book proves that the Nazis had not extermination camps. Zyklon gas was used against typhus bacteria.
Cherep-Spiridovitch, count: The Secret World Government. USA 1926. The Jewish Intelligentsia’s international crimes.
Cincinnatus: War! War! War! USA 1984. How the Khazars have been able to fire wars.
Dope, Inc:The Book That Drove Henry Kissinger and the Anti-Defamation League Crazy. USA 1992. The Khazars are leading the international drug business.
Elmhurst, Ernest F.: The World Hoax. USA 1938. How the Khazars made the Russian revolution.
Findley, Paul: Deliberate Deceptions. USA 1993. Paul Findley was a member of the US Congress for 22 years. He points out that all politics of the Jewry are founded on systematic deception.
Findley, Paul: They dare to speak out. USA 1985. The power of the Jews in the USA.
Ford, Henry: The International Jew, I-IV. USA 1920-1922. The power of the Jews in the USA.
Freedman, Benjamin: The Truth About Khazars (”facts are facts”). The truth about Khazars and the Talmud. Benjamin Freedman was himself a Khazarian Jew who was converted to Christian Faith.
Freedman, Benjamin: A Lesson in Williard hotel in 1961. How the Khazars got the USA into the Wold Wars I and II. Also a prejudgement about the World War III.
Grimstad, William: Antizion, A Survey of Commentary On Organized Jewry By Leading Personalities Through the Ages. USA 1985.
Haertman, Charles: There Must Be No Germany After War. USA 1942. The Khazarian program to exterminate the German race.
Hoskins, Richard Kelly: War Cycles, Peace Cycles. USA 1985. The interest and the compound interest. The Khazarian Method to plunder nations.
Jensen, B.: The Palestine Plot. USA 1948. Facts about how the Khazars occupied the Palestine.
Jewish Encyclopaedia. Funk & Wangnalis, USA 1901. An Encyclopaedia for the Jews only. It also reveals that the present day’s Jews are of Khazarian (Chazarian) origin.
Kaufman, Nathan: Germany Must Perish. USA 1941. In this book Jewish Kaufman demands that ”the German population, both male and female, surviving the aerial bombings, be sterilised in order to secure the total extinction of the German race” (p.105).
Koestler, Arthur: Thirteenth Tribe. USA 1976. About the filthy customs of the ancient Khazars. Koestler is himself a Khazarian Jew and a very intelligent one.
Lilienthal, Alfred M.: The Zionis Connection (I and II). Australia 1983. Zionism is the greatest danger to the Jewish people and to the whole world.
Marschalko, Louis: The World Conquerors: the real war criminals. USA 1958. This book uncover clearly the Secret Jewish World Government’s international politics. The very best book to understand international politics.
Niemi, Pertti: Johdatus Emanuel Swedenborgin filosofiaan. Turku 2001. About Swedenborg’s philosophy and theology in Finnish. The book also contains an account of Jewish religion and politics.
Piper, Michael Collins: Final Judgement. USA 1998. The murderers of the president Kennedy were the Mossad and American Jews.
de Poncins, Léon, count: Les Forces Secrètes de la Révolution. France 1928. The Freemasons and the Jews made the French revolution.
Rami, Ahmed: Vad er Israel? Stockholm 1988. About the crimes of the Zionists in Swedish.
Shahak, Israel: Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by, with a foreword by Gore Vidal, published by Pluto Press (London, 1994). An online version of the book: Professor Israel Shahak is an Israeli citizen, former concentration camp inmate during the WW II, and the founder of Israel’s Human Rights League. This book by him about Jewish hatred and contempt toward Gentiles is highly recommended.
Soncino Edititon of the Talmud. England 1935. A handbook of the Devil.
Wilton, Robert: The Las Days of the Romanovs; How Tsar Nicholas II and Russia’s Imperial Family Were Murdered. London 1920. The Jewish Intelligentsia ordered the murder of Russia’s Royal family. This book presents lists of the leading members of the Bolshevik Party which show that nearly ninety per cent were Jews, who had often changed their Jewish names into Russian ones. Wilton writes: ”According to data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik state, including the above-mentioned, in 1918-1919 there were 17 Russians, two Ukranians, eleven Armenians, 35 Latvians, 15 Germans, one Hungarian, ten Georgians, three Poles, three Finns, one Czech, one Karaim, and 457 Jews.” The lists over hundred names were in the French version; in the original English version there were not these lists but they are added to some reissues.

More information: On this site you can find links into many Swedenborgian sites and online versions of Swedenborg’s theological works and of many English versions of the Holy Bible.