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VICTORY OVER HELLS by the Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments are the most important words in the Bible, for they came on two stone tablets drawn by the finger of God. By the power of the Ten Commandments the waters of the Jordan stream receded and the walls of Jericho were broken, for they contain the Divine Power. Such power also exists in man who obeys these Commandments because they are the laws of the Divine Order, and not just because they are social and moral rules for all nations. These Commandments have a natural or literal meaning, a spiritual meaning, and a heavenly meaning. The natural meaning is for man on earth, the spiritual and heavenly meaning are for the angels in heaven, but man can also understand them.

FIRST COMMANDMENT (SM = spiritual meaning)

I am the LORD your God, SM: The Divine Human of the Lord rules all good and truth. who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. SM: The Lord frees man from the

power of hell. You shall have no other gods before me. SM: The Lord is the only source of truths and good. You shall not make yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath SM: Do not create truths and good that come from your own understanding and you want to resemble Divine things. The ban applies to both spiritual and natural matters. or in the waters below. SM: And even to sensual-corporeal matters. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; SM: The above things from your own understanding must not be served as Divine. for I, the LORD your God, SM: All good and truth come from the Lord alone. am a jealous God SM: And truths and good that come from man’s own understanding turn onto falsities and evils. punishing the children for the sin of the parents SM: Such falsities and evils also increase, and they form inherited affections, or inherited evil. to the third and fourth generation SM: They multiply in long series, finally merging with each other. of those who hate me SM: People in such falsities and evils deny the Divinity of the Lord. but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me SM: God gives good and truths indefinitely and keep my commandments SM: Likewise, He gives them to those who receive the truths of faith.

The exact spiritual meaning of the first Commandment is shown above. The following is the general natural, spiritual, and heavenly meaning of this Commandment. The natural meaning is that according to which we should live here on earth. Spiritual and celestial meanings complement natural meaning and prevail in the heavens. Spiritual meaning in the lower heaven and heavenly in the higher.

Natural or literal meaning

Idols must not be adored. No human being is permitted to adore as a god. Nothing but God and what is from God is to be loved above all else. What a person loves most is his god. Loving God is always choosing to keep the Commandment, instead of committing sin, because if you choose sin you will not love God. Only in such a situation of choice can man show his love for God; other love God does not expect from man. Therefore, obedience to the Ten Commandments is the highest of all instructions given to man.

Spiritual meaning

No one but the Lord Jesus Christ should be adored as God, for He is Jehovah who came down into the world and accomplished the Redemption. He is the Creator, the Saviour, and Regenerator of the world. Of him, Paul rightly said, “For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” (Col. 2: 9).

Heavenly or celestial meaning

Heavenly meaning means that the Lord God is infinite, immeasurable, and eternal. He is Almighty, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. He is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, who was, who is, and who will always be. He himself is Love and Wisdom, or Good and Truth. He is the Life and Being himself, from which everything originated. He is the Creator of the world and its Preserver.


You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. SM: Divine Truths and Good, as well as the truths and good of faith, must not be mocked or denied, for these are the name of God, and he who does so deprives himself of the means of rebirth by which only man can be forgiven of his sins and be saved.

Natural or literal meaning

The name of the Lord must not be misused or used in bad contexts. Misuse includes false oaths, magic and spells, cursing, and ridiculous speeches in which the name of the Lord is used. Proper use, on the other hand, are solemn oaths in connection with offices and activities, and oaths which are also held, and which have a good and valuable purpose. In such contexts, the use of the name of the Lord is permitted. Of course, worship, prayer, and religious teaching also mean proper use. The name of the Lord refers to all the names used for God, such as Jehovah, the Lord, the Lord God, the Lord of Hosts, the Holy One of Israel, the Wonderful Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Eternal Father, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual meaning

In the spiritual sense, the name of God refers to all the things the Church teaches about the Word. Using these things in the wrong context and in the wrong way is a violation of this commandment.

Heavenly or celestial meaning

In this sense, the name of the Lord means the Divine Human of the Lord. This is evident from the Word in the following passage: “Father, glorify thy name. And the voice came from heaven: ”I have glorified it and will glorify it again.'” (John 12: 28). Glorifying means making Divine. The Lord Jesus Christ appears in heaven as the sun within which He is the Divine Human. The Lord has also become an incarnate Word: ”And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father.” (John 1:14). The celestial meaning of this commandment is violated by one who mocks the Divine Human of the Lord or the holiness of the Word.


Remember SM: Keep that in mind. the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. SM: The day of rest in its deepest sense means the union of Jehovah and Divine Human in the Lord. In the internal sense, it means the union of Divine Human and the heavens and the union of good and truth. Sanctification means that these must not be offended in any way. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, SM: This means a struggle that prepares for a covenant of good and truth. At this point, man seeks truths and is tempted. but the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God. SM: Good is now united with truth, and thus the covenant is fulfilled. Good is now in the first place and truth as an instrument. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. SM: The battle is over, and the heaven and its sweetness are prevalent in all things, both internal and external. “You” means man himself, “your son” his inner understanding, “your daughter” his inner will, “your male servant” his natural man in relation to the truth, “your female servant” his natural man in relation to good, “your animal” his affections in general and “foreigner” to his knowledge in general. For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, SM: The Lord makes new man’s inner and outer. This happens gradually, which is symbolized by six days. but he rested on the seventh day. SM: When man has finally united good with truth, then the spiritual struggle is over, and man has become a celestial or heavenly man and lives under the protection of the Lord. Therefore, the LORD blessed the Sabbath day SM: This means a heavenly covenant in the Lord. and made it holy. SM: This covenant will not be damaged by hell or by people on earth.

Natural or literal meaning

Six days are given to man for work, but the seventh day is for the Lord and is a day of rest from his work. On Sunday, one should rest from one’s daily work, meditate and study religious matters, and practice love of one’s neighbour. When the Lord Himself lived on earth, He taught and healed the sick on the Sabbath. For this reason, the day of rest is a day of both teaching and acts of charity.

Spiritual meaning

In a spiritual sense, this commandment means the rebirth of man. The rebirth of man is analogous to the Lord’s struggle with hell, His victory, and His rest. The Lord make man reborn in the same way He glorified His Human. Therefore, the reborn human being is tempted, that is, subject to the attacks of hell, just like Jesus. When good has come to the first place, man is born again. The reborn is led by the Lord, and the reborn person violates the third commandment if he returns to his old life and begins to lead himself from his love of the self and his love of the world.

Heavenly or celestial meaning

In the heavenly sense, the third commandment means man’s union with the Lord and thus peace, for man is then under the protection of the Lord, and evil spirits no longer dare to tempt him. The sweetness of heavenly peace can be experienced by all who are reborn into the New Church of the Lord. The Sabbath originally means rest and thus peace in the highest sense. That is why the Lord is called the Prince of Peace in the Word (Isaiah 9: 5). Heavenly peace is such a sweet and pleasant experience that few can even imagine. However, all reborn sometimes experience this feeling, which is a foretaste of what peace is in heaven. When man has reached a level where good is united with truth, he has become a celestial man. Then he is not ruled by truth as a spiritual person, but by good, and has an inner capacity for perception over conscience, that is, he immediately perceives whether thing is true or false. The spiritual man was ruled by conscience, and he wondered if thing is right or wrong. A celestial person only says, “Yes, yes, or: no, no. What is added to it is evil.” (Matthew 5: 37). Today, few reach the level of celestial rebirth. However, it is possible for those who live according to the Ten Commandments.


Honour your father and your mother, SM: Love good and truth. In its highest sense, this commandment means loving the Lord and His kingdom. so that you may live long in the land SM: Such love results in eternal life in heaven. the Lord your God is giving you. SM: Likewise, it follows the reception of the Divine influx.

Natural or literal meaning

One should respect one’s own parents who secure his or her early development. More broadly, this commandment means that a person must love his homeland, its institutions, and its authority, for the homeland, like his parents, secures his needs. In respecting parents, it is important to consider whether the parents are reborn or not. In any case, a child should respect his or her parents, but a reborn adult should respect his or her parents only to the extent that they have good and truth from the Lord. If the parents are not reborn, that is, bad people, the reborn should avoid attachment to them. Often, parents and other relatives become direct enemies of the reborn as they try to get the reborn to continue living their inherited evil. This is what the Lord’s words mean: ”And the brother shall deliver up his brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.” (Mark 13:12). This means the modern age in which the reborn must give up his evil affections inherited from his parents.

Spiritual meaning

In a spiritual sense, respect for parents means loving God and the Church. Father means God and mother means church. This is what the Lord’s words mean, ”And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” (Matthew 23: 9). ”For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.” (Matt. 12: 50).

Heavenly or celestial meaning

In the heavenly meaning, for this commandment, the father means the Lord Jesus Christ and the mother the communion of the saints, that is, the Lord’s Church throughout the universe. It is that Jesus Christ is our Heavenly Father, the Word refer to the following words: ”Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.” (John 14: 11). And ”I and the Father are one.” (John 10: 30). The Church of the Lord as a mother is described by the following passages: ”And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” (Rev. 21: 2). “Let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And he said unto me, write, blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.” (Rev. 19: 7, 9).

The New Jerusalem refers to the New Church, which will replace the Christian Church and is based on an understanding of the inner meanings of the Word. This church is exactly what is a wife and mother in this sense. This church is a true Christian church because it recognizes the Divine Human of the Lord. This church is the authentic marriage of God and the church on earth and the crown of all previous churches. The spiritual offspring that are the fruits of this marriage are the good of love and the truths of faith. The members of this church become intelligent and can see good and true and reveal evil and wrong. This is the church that Swedenborg said: “My works will benefit it”.

The Fourth Commandment is the mediating Commandment between the first three, or “Father,” or God, and the last six, or “mother,” or church. It connects these Commandments together.


You shall not murder. SM: No one shall be taken away from his spiritual or heavenly life, nor shall his faith and love be suppressed. Internally, this commandment also means that no man should be hated, for hatred includes a desire to murder.

Natural or literal meaning

No person shall be killed or otherwise injured bodily. This commandment also forbids damaging a person’s reputation and name, for such is social killing. In the broadest sense, this commandment means that one must not hate another. Anger, jealousy, and revenge include the intent to kill. This is what Jesus meant when he said, ”Everyone who is angry with his brother has earned the judgment of justice.” (Matthew 5: 22).

Spiritual meaning

This involves all sorts of methods of trying to murder human souls. Such methods include atheistic philosophies, religions based on one’s own understanding, and outright ridicule of sacred things. He who teaches injustice to another, e.g., that God does not exist, is guilty of violating the fifth commandment.

Heavenly or celestial meaning

This means anger at the Lord Himself, contempt for His name, and leading people away from the Lord. Those who do so are guilty in this sense of crucifying the Lord. This is what many modern Christians do, for they have separated the keeping of the Ten Commandments from faith, and this is precisely the murder of God. Man has understanding and will, and understanding is related to faith and keeping the Commandments to will. These should be united and not separate. The Lutheran notion that mere faith saves is a terrible misconception.


You shall not commit adultery. SM: Good and truth must not be distorted. The Word must not be used to persuade iniquity and injustice. The laws of the Divine Order must not be distorted. Good and evil must not be connected, and truth and wrong must not be connected.

Natural or literal meaning

According to this meaning, the sixth commandment forbids the actual commission of adultery, as well as all forms of immoral acts and their thinking. A man commits adultery even when he is indecent, thinking: ”Everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her.” (Matthew 5:28). Violation of this commandment is very usual in the lives of modern Christians. This is shown by the excessive and false emphasis on sex. Any kind of anti-marital thinking violates this commandment. It follows from a violation of this commandment that hardly anyone today knows the secrets of a pure marriage. Moral purity is especially important to members of the New Church, for this Church possesses pure spiritual and heavenly truths. Through marriage, the New Heaven flows on earth to the New Church.

Spiritual meaning

Spiritual adultery occurs when the truths and benefits of the Word are distorted. Today, such a practice is practiced by almost all Christians. Spiritual and natural adultery occur simultaneously. The worst spiritual adultery has been practiced by the Jews, who have sought in all things to confuse good and evil and truth and wrong. That is why Jesus called the Jews “adulterous generation” (Matthew 16: 4). An example of this adultery of the Jews is Karl Marx’s communism, in which good (socialism) is associated with evil (atheism).

Heavenly or celestial meaning

Heavenly adultery is the denial of the holiness of the Word and the disgrace of the Word. This is what everyone who deeply laughs at and mocks religious things does.


You shall not steal. SM: No one should be deprived of spiritual truths and good. Man must not attach to himself things which belong to the Lord.

Natural or literal meaning

All forms of theft and robbery are prohibited. This also includes theft, which takes place as if by legal means. Today, such “legal” theft is very usual. It is e.g. speculation, the pursuit of operating profit without regard to moral considerations, tax evasion, and all sorts of tricks to accumulate wealth without producing similar benefits for other people. The New Church can glorify the principles of socialism on a faith basis, and the union of the New Church and socialism can be a blessing as opposed to the devilish union of communism and atheism: true socialism is love of neighbor and raw capitalism a violation of the seventh commandment.

Spiritual meaning

Spiritual theft is the deprivation of the truths and good of faith through the teaching of falsities as religious truths. This is what the Lord’s words mean, ”He that goeth not out of the door into the sheepfold, but riseth up from thence, the same is a thief and a robber.” (John 10: 1). The only right door is Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Doctrine. Those who teach others are thieves and robbers.

Heavenly or celestial meaning

According to this meaning, thieves are those who seek to take upon themselves the divine power of the Lord and who claim the merits of the Lord. Such people do not inwardly believe in God but only in themselves, and they use religion only to carry out their selfish aspirations. Such a sin is practiced by all religions today who desire to dictate in spiritual and heavenly matters and do not serve God but themselves.


You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour. SM: Good should not be called evil or evil good. Truth should not be called false or false true.

Natural or literal meaning

No person should be told false evidence before a court of law or before people in general. More broadly, this commandment forbids the use of lies, deception, and pretence in social life, as well as damaging another person’s reputation for selfish purposes.

Spiritual meaning

A spiritual false testimony is committed by one who, knowingly, knowing the real edge of the matter, is trying to convince another person that what is false is true or that spending a bad life is a spending of a good life, and vice versa.

Heavenly or celestial meaning

In this sense, bearing false testimony means mocking the Lord and the Word and knowingly nullifying the truths of the Church.


You shall not covet your neighbour’s house. SM: One must be vigilant that the love of worldly things, especially money and property, does not take power in his will. This ninth commandment, therefore, forbids loving the world more than heaven. You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour. SM: This tenth commandment states that man should be vigilant that his self-love, especially the desire to rule over other people from self-love, should not come to power in his will. Wife refers to affections for celestial and spiritual matters. Servant and maid mean rational affections that serve spiritual and celestial. Ox and donkey refer to natural affections. The coveting of these affections means a person’s desire to subjugate another person, that is, a desire to control from self-love.

The ninth and tenth commandments refer to all the previous commandments in which the evils listed are not to be coveted. The ninth commandment comprises the evil of worldly love and the tenth the evil of self-love. These two forms of evil include all possible kinds of evil. The natural, spiritual, and celestial meanings of these last two commandments mean that the evils listed in the previous commandments must not be coveted.

Jeesus ja opetuslapset

Living the Ten Commandments is what Jesus meant when he said: ”Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind, and with thy neighbour as thyself.” (Luke 10:27). Man loves God when, in a situation of choice, he chooses to keep the Ten Commandments instead of committing sin. God expects no other love from man. As a person obeys the Ten Commandments every day, they gradually become inwardly in his mind, or heart: “I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Then shall no one teach one another, neither shall his brother teach any more, saying, Know the Lord. For they all know me, from the least to the greatest, says the Lord; for I will forgive their trespasses, and not remember their sins. (Jer. 31: 33, 34).

The Ten Commandments are the most precious treasure of mankind when they are obeyed because they are the laws of God, and not just because they are social and moral laws. To this end, God drew them on stone tablets with His own finger. The Ten Commandments are by far the most important point in God’s Word. They are meant to be eternal rules for the inhabitants of this planet. They came drawn on the stone tablets drawn by the finger of God, unlike other passages in the Word. They contain everything needed to love God and your neighbour. They help man unite with God and heaven. The provisions of the Ten Commandments are contained in the laws of all nations. They are social and moral laws for all nations. But the fact that they came drawn by the finger of God means that they are also Divine laws that one must obey to be obedient to God. Jesus said to his disciples: “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me; but he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. ” (John 14: 21). Although the Ten Commandments are the most important passage in the Word, modern Christian churches do not display them, but the belief that “Jesus has delivered us from our sins with His blood and we are not subject to the law” has taken over people’s minds and led to insanity that the commandments no longer need to be obeyed. The Ten Commandments are the eternal life guide for people and must be obeyed because they are also Divine laws.

There are three layers in the human mind: 1) The first, or natural layer, where natural understanding and will are located and by which we survive here on earth in all our dealings. 2) The spiritual layer, where are the spiritual understanding and will, i.e. the intelligence and conscience, with which we understand and do spiritual things. 3) The celestial layer, where celestial understanding and will are located, into which God and heaven flow directly and give birth to wisdom and perception to see all things immediately, whether they are true or false.

The first, or natural, layer is opened to every human being right from the baby, but the two higher layers of the mind only open when a person lives by obeying the Ten Commandments because they are Divine Commandments. God creates a spiritual will for human understanding, but a celestial will directly for the human soul, or heart. Thus, the celestial man is more intelligent and wiser than the spiritual man, but the temptations of the celestial man are also heavier.

If the higher layers of the human mind do not open, man remains natural and gradually becomes sensual and corporeal and does not understand spiritual or celestial matters at all. Then he is in the power of the spirits of hell and can only get rid of them by striving to live the Ten Commandments. That is why the Ten Commandments are so extremely important to humanity.

One important thing where current Christianity is totally wrong: the doctrine of the Trinity. There are no three separate gods as the creeds of Nicaea and Athanasius claim. There is only one God, and He is the Lord Jesus Christ as follows: God Jehovah miraculously fertilized Maria’s egg, so Jesus was God Himself for his soul, but an ordinary man for His mother while living on earth. He performed miracles from his soul, the Father. The death on the cross was Jesus’ last temptation, the attack of hell, after which He stripped His inherited body from mother and put on His Divine body from the Father and thus united it with the Father, or with Divine Love, when He Himself was the Divine Truth. In this way Jesus saved mankind from the power of hell and thus accomplished the Redemption. After this, He is God, where the Father is His soul, the Son is His Divine body, and the Holy Spirit is the Divine influx out of Him. Thus, the Lord Jesus Christ, or God, is like a man in His image, who also has a soul, a body, and a soul-to-body operation. Thus, the Lord has the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost inside Him like soul, body and action in man.

But if you want to get inside life, keep the commandments.” (Matthew 19:17).


Angels or celestial people on earth are able to see, what is the state of the earth as seen from heaven. They see clearly what comes from heaven and what from hell. Neither natural nor spiritual man can do this. This is a report on the findings of celestial man or more exactly spiritual-celestial man. First, I will say a few words about myself. It helps you understand my text.

When I awoke one night in 1973, the inner sight of my right eye opened and I saw that God certainly exists and that there is a secret, inner meaning in the Bible. Before that, I was an atheist and a member of the Communist Party and had no relationship with any religion. I began to study religions and mysticism and after studying for two years, I discovered in 1975 the theological-spiritual works of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) (about two meters of shelf of Latin text; translated into English) which fully explained the inner meaning of the Bible I had experienced. After reading those works for two years, I decided to become a swedenborgian priest. I travelled to Britain in 1977 to study at the New Church College in Manchester, but I was not accepted as a pupil. I returned to Finland and founded a swedenborgian society with my friends. I have written a couple of books of the New Church Doctrine and translated two Swedenborg’s works from Latin into Finnish. However, the most important thing is that I have applied the revolutionary New Church regeneration method now 45 years and achieved the seventh or highest grade in regeneration (Arcana Coelestia, Nos 6-13), and so I have had the opportunity to be in contact with the third or innermost heaven and get from there an influx into my spirit. Now, let me tell you a little about what the phenomena of the modern world look like revealed by the influx of the innermost heaven. These are just my most common observations into which the heaven has flowed in and which can even shock the reader. The celestial influx does not produce any new knowledge, it just shows the existing knowledge whether it is from heaven or hell or from both at the same time.

A little basic:

Man is dualistic: he has a body and a soul. The body is matter and the soul is of spiritual substance that has no dimension of time no of place. The soul is exactly the same form as the body, that is, it has all the same organs and senses, as well as understanding and will. The understanding of the soul is related to the cerebrum of the body and the will of the soul to the cerebellum of the body, both of which together form the human mind. The mind, then, is the will and the understanding that thus arise from the cooperation of the soul and the brains. There are three layers in the mind and soul: the natural layer, the spiritual layer, and the celestial layer. The soul is detached from man when man dyes and it lives forever in either heaven or hell.

There is the material world, the world of spirits and heaven and hell. The world of spirits, heaven and hell are composed of spiritual substance and can be called the spiritual world. We know the material world. The world of spirits is the intermediate space into which the human soul first enters, and which is prepared there for either heaven or hell. There are, therefore, both good and evil spirits in the world of spirits that are connected to the affections of people on earth, but not to their perceptions or understanding. Spirits do not know that they are connected to people on earth, nor do people to them. Heaven is made up of good spirits who confessed God and lived without sin. They are called angels and there are two qualities: spiritual angels, who rule over truth, and celestial angels, who rule over good. Hell is made up of evil spirits who denied God and lived to sin. There are two qualities: satans, who rule over falsity, and devils, who rule over evil. Without contact with the world of spirits and through it to heaven or hell, man could not live for a moment. All that is good in the world is due to the influx of heaven, and all evil is due to the influx of hell. God created heaven, and man created hell by turning away from God. Heaven and hell, through the spirits of good and evil, are connected to the natural layer of the human mind and only heaven to the higher layers of his mind. There have always been at least two good and two evil spirits associated with man. In this way the will of man is kept in balance: he can choose either good and true or evil and wrong. In human understanding, truth and falsity can exist simultaneously.

The present world in general:

In general, the state of the world’s population is catastrophic. Everything has changed: truth has disappeared from people’s minds and stupidity has been elevated to high truth. People have become more and more sensual and there is almost no right information about spiritual things, but there is a lot of devilish one. Religions are polluted, and the heavenly influx from God does not reach people. Evil and falsities rule. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) correctly describes our time in his book Faust (Part 2, Act 4):

And what was ground, before, now is summit.

From this they deduced the truest law,

Turn lowest into highest, to be sure,

Since we escaped from fiery prison there,

To excessive power in the freer air:

An open mystery, yet well concealed,

And only lately publicly revealed. (Ephesians 6:12).”

In 1757 happened in the world of spirits the so-called “Last Judgment,” when evil spirits from the Christian world had made pseudo-heavens in the world of spirits which blocked the influx from the right heavens into earth. These evil spirits were cast into hell, and a new time of freedom came for the people of our planet. But some hells also became free (“Since we escaped from fiery prison there, To excessive power in the freer air”) and especially Jewish hells. After the murder of Jesus, the Jews had adopted in their devilish teaching, a religion against God, or Jesus, based on their racist and cruel book, the Talmud, which they have learned hundreds of years since childhood. Now began the triumph of the liberated Jewish devils on earth.

Then e.g. the Jew Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) began devilish debt-based banking, which has developed into a cancerous tumor of the world economy. Mayer Amschel Rothschild also succeeded in creating a strong international secret organization, the “Wise Men of Zion” which is made up of leading Jews and still rules our planet today. The sole goal of this secret organization is to conquer Earth and make the majority of the planet’s population slaves to Jews and destroy advanced Gojimi peoples such as the Chinese, Japanese, and Europeans. The Jews have conquered the United States and developed it into a superior nuclear weapons state. It, along with nuclear power with Israel, poses the greatest threat that has ever been to the world’s population. The Jews have been successful in science, the arts, finance, and politics anyway, but their influence has been exclusively of devil:

And what was ground, before, now is summit.

From this they deduced the truest law,

Turn lowest into highest, to be sure.”

Jews nearly alone are to blame for the triumph of materialism and atheism on earth.

It is especially bad for religions. No widespread religion has a connection to heaven and God, but some individuals do. They are those who believed in one God and did not sin, that is, they lived the Ten Commandments, but they are few. Christianity was already destroyed in the Council of Nicaea in 325, when the lie about the birth of Jesus before the creation of the world and thus the false doctrine of the Trinity was adopted. Both the Catholic Church, the Reformed Churches, and their sects continue to base their doctrine on the Nicene Creed, which is from hell. In the days of the Last Judgment, the heavenly influx as a counterweight to hell also intensified, and there was also the long-awaited Second Coming of the Lord, which was rejected by the Christian churches, as the Jews once did Jesus. Today, all Christian churches are devilish.

The Second Coming of the Lord thus took place with the writings of the famous and talented Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg. They revealed that there is a secret, inner meaning in the Bible that Swedenborg called the spiritual sense of the Word. This revelation of the inner meaning of the Word was the Second Coming of the Lord, for the Lord Himself is the Word: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. Everything has been born through him, and without him nothing born has been born.” (John 1: 1-3). The literal meaning of the word is “clouds” and the spiritual meaning is “glory”: “and they see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of heaven with great power and glory.” (Matthew 24:30). However, the theology of Swedenborg is not open to anyone other than those who keep the Ten Commandments in their lives, because those commands are also the Commandments of God.

The Bible, then, has a spiritual meaning like the soul in the body. For example, the sun symbolizes or corresponds to God, its light to truth and its warmth to good, all animals have spiritual correspondences, harmless and useful animals correspond to heavenly things and dangerous animals to devilish things, plants correspond to human affections, etc. All worldly things have spiritual correspondences. These correspondences are studied by the science of correspondences, which was the science of sciences with ancient humans, but which has since disappeared. Swedenborg reveals this science in his works. The entire Bible, as the exception of a few passages approved by ecclesiastical assemblies, is written with correspondences, so the Bible is, in fact, a treasure of spiritual knowledge. However, it is only open to those who in their practical lives follow the Ten Commandments.

Swedenborg was an intelligent Swedish scientist with an IQ score of 205 (Stanford university study) on the Stanford-Binet scale, making him one of the most intelligent people in history. At the age of 57, however, he abandoned his brilliant scientific career when the Lord appeared to him. The report given to Carl Robsahm, a chamberlain, tells of this case:

While dining at a London inn, I saw in a vision a man who said to me: ‘Don’t eat too much!’ I was greatly amazed. I went to my lodge, and at night the same man reappeared to me, but I was no longer frightened. He told me that He was the Lord God, the Creator and Saviour of the universe, and that He had chosen me to explain to people the spiritual sense of the Word, and that He Himself would explain to me what I should write about it. That night, the spiritual world of heaven and hell also opened for me so that I became fully convinced of the reality of both of them, and I recognized in them many of my acquaintances in different life conditions. From that day on, I left to study all worldly science and worked on spiritual matters, as the Lord had commanded. After that, the Lord opened my spiritual vision many times every day so that in the middle of the day I could see another world and when fully awake I could talk to angels and spirits.”

After this revelation, Swedenborg abandoned all his scientific work and wrote about two meters of shelf of his theological works that reveal countless secrets from the Bible, the post-mortem states, and the inhabitants of the world of spirits, heaven, and hell, but these works only open to those living the Ten Commandments. The works of Swedenborg are an immeasurable treasure of spiritual knowledge that is unique in the history of our planet. Millions of people will benefit from them in the future. But modern Christians and Jews hate these works because they expose their wickedness and cunning and the hellishness of their doctrines.

Swedenborg also reveals that the entire universe is full of solar systems orbiting planets, which are all inhabited by humans. God created the universe and the planets for man, and not to spin in vain in space, as is commonly thought today. But this is only because the nature of the etheric fields surrounding the planets is not known. The “special theory of relativity” of the Jewish A. Einstein was a hoax that Jews managed to spread as truth around the world, but which has been proven to be a hoax. It ended the study of ethers by claiming that light traveled in a vacuum, even though an elementary school student can understand that no wave motion can occur in a vacuum. Human vision is about 4-7 tenths of a thousandth of a millimeter of wavelength of light, so our vision is very deficient. Swedenborg had contact with and received information from the inhabitants of planets of our solar system and of some other solar systems. He also wrote a book about these experiences: https://newchristianbiblestudy.org/swedenborg/, Worlds in space. The belief that there is only life on earth is as silly as the once belief that the earth is in the shape of a pancake.

My main observation concerns religions. Religion always determines the spiritual level of the planet. Modern religions are all polluted, or not have contact with God and heavens, because they have learned their teachings from man’s own understanding without enlightenment from God, that is, they have eaten the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This applies to all Christian churches and sects, as well as all other religions. However, Islam and the New Church, which recognize only one God, are less polluted than the prevailing Christianity and Judaism, which the latter directly serves the devil. The New Church, which came through Emanuel Swedenborg, is also polluted, for its priests have made the same mistake as priests of other religions, that is, they have taken their teachings from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that is, from their own understanding. The priestly training of the New Church has been false. It has been based solely on learning Swedenborg’s works as memory information and not on applying the rebirth process to develop students into spiritual-celestial people. Only spiritual-celestial man can fully see the influence of the hells, neither the natural nor even the spiritual man understands the operation and influence of the deepest hells, or the devil or Jewish hells..

The centuries-long influx of hell has turned human minds to think exclusively of the material world and its joys and not of God and heaven at all. This has resulted in a very high utilization of material knowledge, from which a high technological culture have emerged, which would be an abomination on other planets, but it has been seen on Earth as the only sign of evolution, i.e. technological advancement is thought to be the only real evolution. Man himself has been regarded only as an evolved animal descended from apes. In reality, man has not evolved but, on the contrary, degenerated for thousands of years, resulting in the transformation of man from a celestial man to a mere sensual man who has no knowledge of spirit or soul or life after the death of the body, which life continues forever.

God created the universe for man to be an angelic heaven from the human race. Man created hell by turning against God. The people of our planet, unlike in other planets, are closely connected to hell. Many things that are highly valued on our planet are, in fact, hellish stupidity and lies: hellish “wisdom” is an abomination in heaven. There would be countless examples of this, of which I will take just a few. In general, the world today is pierced by hell, but the sensual person does not see it. Goethe was right: “And what was ground, before, now is summit.”


Studying philosophy in colleges makes a person stupid and blind, drifting further and further away from the truth the more he studies. What can be said about a philosophy that knows nothing about God, that is, like all current trends in philosophy. True philosophical truths only open when the higher layers of the human mind open and this cannot be done except through religion, which modern religions cannot teach. There is complete philosophical darkness in the modern world. Philosophical language games are just an indication that logic, which, after all, is the only sensible area in philosophy today, can be used as well to reinforce lies as it is to confirm truth. Modern philosophers are dominated by their desire to gain glory and appreciation in the eyes of the world, which is an abomination in heaven. True philosophy always leads to the knowledge of God. Whoever thinks he understands philosophy without knowing God is a perfect idiot. The first step toward understanding philosophy is to acknowledge the existence of the Higher Being, or God. Swedenborg is the only philosopher from the new age whose writings are timeless, for everything is true in them, which is because he took his understanding of the tree of life, that is, directly from enlightenment of God

Psychology and psychiatry:

Sensual man has tried to understand human behavior on the basis of sensual knowledge without enlightenment from God. This is how he has strayed and created completely erroneous information that just looks outwardly right. Psychology and psychiatry are to learn about man as a social animal and just like a machine, where doctrine completely ignores the influence of the spiritual world and God on human behavior. In this way, the existence of the human soul and its functioning is not understood at all, and completely erroneous conclusions are drawn about the causal relationships of psychic phenomena. Psychology and psychiatry have no knowledge of the mechanisms of onset of mental illness and thus of cures. An example of this is the “psychoanalysis” of S. Freud, a world-renowned Khazar Jew, who considers man to be an animal with only physical and social motivations. The “diagnoses” of psychiatrists are mere nonsense; African medicine men know more about the human psyche than materialist-atheist psychiatrists, for they also know the existence of the world of spirits and soul. Because of this, for example, little is known about the nature of sexuality and no real marriages that exist on other planets occur on earth at all. Sexuality is thought to be a purely sensual pastime, and its spiritual nature is not known. The ancient people on our planet knew the love of marriage because it is the basic love of heaven and dates back to the union of truth and good, which is the Divine Law. Today, hellish sexuality, or any kind of perverted anomaly, is accepted and even admired and recognized in the Churches contrary to the Word of God and common sense. This has been much influenced by the tendency of Jews, in possession of the media today, to pervert sexuality such as homosexuality and pedophilia.

Psychology and psychiatry produce tremendous suffering for the people of the planet, relying only on sensual knowledge and trying to treat mental illnesses by means of chemicals and external influences, even though the source of mental illness is in hell. Emanuel Swedenborg’s works also provide an explanation for mental illness, and the New Church rebirth technique also cures most mental illnesses. Chemical medicines do not affect the soul, whose illnesses are cured by religion alone. Psychiatry only makes a profit for drug factories, which are always developing only new drugs that are thought to cure mental illness. Because the complex functions of the human soul are not known, modern psychologists and psychiatrists are like car mechanics who do not know that a car has an engine.

Science and technology:

Although the natural sciences have evolved considerably, many natural theories are indications of the absolute stupidity of sensual knowledge. A couple of examples: Modern physics ignored the study of ethers in the early 20th century and instead adopted a false explanatory model by extending the observations of electromagnetic waves to the mechanics of solid bodies and creating mathematical models called “relativity theories”. By declaring dogma “the speed of light as the highest possible speed” and that light is going in every directions at the same velocity
regardless of the observer’s state of motion, it rejected the use of logic in physics and made physics a false religion. Of course, human logic is not limited to the speed of light but can also use infinite speeds in its thinking. The “special theory of relativity” of A. Einstein, a Khazar Jew, led to ridiculous notions such as “length contraction” and “time dilation,” which were embraced as truths in scientific associations, such as religious falsities in ecclesiastical meetings. The fact that the interpretations were against logic only added to the mystical respect for them. Many notable physicists did not accept this theory, which, however, was then declared a scientific truth and Einstein the greatest genius of all time. Einstein was offered the post of President of Israel, to which he would have fitted in perfectly: Israel is a paradise of all kinds of lies and deceptions. Sensual man can regard any lie as a high truth, and this explains the popularity of the special theory of relativity. In fact, the theory has already been experimentally proved wrong.

There is still a law that has not been theoretically or experimentally repealed: the speed of a solid body is based solely on the force that gives the initial velocity. When there is enough power, even ten times the speed of light follows. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light. A special theory of relativity is a lie similar to the holocaust, or even Nicene creed: it is considered true only because the majority believes in it and does not understand it.

Swedenborg’s work de Telluribus describes the life of other planets both in our solar system and in some others. The current space exploration is quite ridiculous and does not lead to any results because the mechanics of ethers are not known, thanks to the special theory of relativity. Namely, different planets have their own etheric circles. Space exploration can even be harmful, as it is not allowed to interfere with the lives of other planets. The Providence will mislead open space research so that the foolish inhabitants of Earth will not be able to disturb the inhabitants of other planets who are more spiritually advanced but who do not have the same material technology as on Earth.

Another ridiculous belief is that man has gradually evolved from apes. Of course, material nature has its own laws, which are e.g. the evolution of species. Evolution, however, concerns the physical body of animals and also of man, but not the human spirit, that is, the soul, which has its own laws of evolution. Just as the physical body adapts in evolution to the material world, so the human spirit adapts to the spiritual world, where there is no evolution, but development is determined by man’s free will and understanding. The laws of soul’s development are the laws of Divine Providence, which are not known at all today, but which have been presented e.g. in Swedenborg’s de Divina Providentia. Man can, of his own free will, turn either to God or against God, that is, eat either the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Man’s intelligence develops as he eats from the tree of life but degenerates as he eats from the tree of good and evil. The first people on our planet were heavenly people who could think of correspondences, that is, were in direct contact with the angels of heaven. Modern people are connected to infernal spirits through the spiritual world and can only get rid of them by being born again of God. On other planets, people are mentally more intelligent than on earth, but they don’t have as high technology. Ancient humans on our planet were thus more intellectually advanced than modern humans and certainly not descended from apes.

The great influence of hell can also be clearly seen in other natural sciences and in all other sciences: spiritual laws are not known and man is considered only as an advanced herd animal and the material world as the only form of reality. Modern sciences invariably eat the tree of good and evil, that is, they take their knowledge of man’s own intelligence contaminated by inherited evil and not of God, who is omniscient in all scientific matters, for God’s Wisdom is infinite, knowing the smallest details in everything.

The high technology that prevails on our planet does not prove the high degree of culture, but is an indication of human stupidity: a person who can send a person to the moon but cares nothing about having to live thousands of years in hell is a perfect idiot. What means a few decades in the midst of machines devoid of real happiness and eternal joy, which, however, is available to every human being after the death of the body. Other planets do not have such high technology, and if they heard about it, they would consider it just stupid. High technology would not be bad if it were just a side issue and a tool and not the main thing like on our planet. About 90% of the adult population on our planet goes to hell after the body dies; the dead children will enter heaven and be raised there as angels. Thus, infant mortality is one of the few good things on our planet. High infant mortality would not be needed if people had a hell-free religion to develop people to be really spiritual or celestial human beings.

A few words about the arts and sports:

The arts of our time reflect the prevailing mental illness, the effect of hell. The complete lack of beauty and harmony has created insignificant nonsense represented by modern abstract visual art as well as contemporary concert music. In the visual arts, the collectible value and the name of the author determine the value of the work: for a daub, huge sums are paid if only its author is recognized. Current concert music is tearing suffering to the ears: the tonality of the music has been replaced by an arbitrary 12-note system and beautiful melodies are a history. There were still a few meritorious works in the visual arts and music in the 19th century, but since then art has gone more and more in a hellish direction. Modern entertainment music is largely filthy noise. Some works by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and by some other composers are the few that a spiritual or celestial person can still enjoy. Thanks to Jewish-dominated Hollywood, the film has been feeding hellish pollution into the human mind for over a century. It, along with television entertainment programs, has planted sensual and materialistic values, making people believe that life is just satisfying sensual and social urges.

The spiritual level of our time is also very clearly seen in sports. If someone on another planet saw how kicking a leather ball or beating another person with their fists is an activity whose perpetrators are considered great heroes, he would be amazed. Sport has been made a culture where human animalism has been elevated to divine. Sport fills the spiritual life of many people with secondary vanities. Sure, healthy exercise is good for people, but capturing spirit and thoughts through competitive sports is hellish. There are millions of planets and on them billions of people and all of them value wisdom and especially knowledge of God, not bodily performances. Our planet is unique in this regard.


The Word of God came to mankind in written form because it was the most advanced means of information of its time and could also include the internal senses of the Word by which heaven is connected to man. Therefore, it is still the most important form of information. Today there are also other effective forms of information such as radio, television and the Internet. Unfortunately, in addition to factual information, they are used to spread hellish entertainment and materialistic propaganda. The world’s media is becoming more and more Jewish-controlled, for example in the US almost totally: newspapers, magazines, book publishers, radio and television stations and, increasingly, the Internet are almost entirely Jewish-controlled and the same trend is elsewhere in the world. The lie of the holocaust and others lies dominate, and today Jews are actively working to eliminate from the Internet the sites that tell the facts about them. The media is the most important tool of the hells today. Churches that call themselves Christians also spread contaminated religious propaganda that does not help people to be saved, that is, to escape the power of hell to which people are subject today. They have no means against hell, but are outright allied with hell, believing in the holocaust and bowing to the Jews through whom the worst hells flow into our planet.


Most other planets have no crime at all, no organized states, but people live in small groups made up of clans. The earth is an exception, for the hell has been in power here for thousands of years, and that is why the people have been organized into states and peoples. Crime, which is an action against the Divine Order, has also been present on our planet for thousands of years. Today, crime is visible and invisible in every place and every species. Laws and authority cannot eradicate crime, for crime is in the human mind, which can only be cleansed through religion. Crime on our planet has increased exponentially recently, especially drug crime. This, too, is partly due to the lack of true religion: people patch up the emptiness of their lives with drugs. The New Church offers a remedy: the revolutionary method of rebirth develops people spiritually and heavenly and crime is reduced dramatically.

The Impact of Hells on Religions and Politics:

Hell is an action against the Divine Order, from which action hell arose after man misused his free will by eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that is, by receiving knowledge from his own understanding and not from God’s enlightened understanding. In the Last Judgment in the world of spirits in 1757, man’s free will in spiritual matters was once again restored, and since then people, instead of exercising their freedom in spiritual and celestial matters, began to eat more and more of the tree of good and evil, that is, the flow of hell has intensified, materialistic development has accelerated and people have become more and more sensual and at the same time stupid in spiritual matters. And as today’s religions have become hellish, hells now have almost total power on our planet. However, this is not understood by a sensual person, only a celestial or spiritual-celestial person can see this.

Of all the religions, the most hellish is the Jewish Talmud-based religion, which is a racist religion that seeks to conquer the world thanks to influx from the worst hells, the devil himself, by the name of which these hells are called. The Last Judgment of 1757 liberated Jewish hells, which have since increased their power on our planet. With the help of the devil, Jews have in recent decades conquered one great power, the United States, as well as the media and banking worldwide, and in addition, they have established their own state of Israel, which is a true devil’s own state and which has plundered the Palestinian homeland and driven them into exile for decades. Israel’s prime minister Ariel Sharon (3.10.2001): “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it. Through their media and political power, Jews have spread the holocaust lie, spread materialist values, and concealed their cruel history and Khazar background. In this way, they have succeeded in creating for themselves a false notion to the world and especially to the Christians of an innocently suffered “God’s people” who have the right to return to their “homeland” that would actually be somewhere in East Asia, but not in Palestine. The Jews, or the devil, have only one goal: to conquer the planet and enslave all nations. The Khazars, of whom 90% of modern Jews are descended, were a power-hungry, vengeful, and filthy multimillion people who considered the man’s penis as god, converted to the Talmud religion or Judaism around 740, and In the early 20th Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe and of Russia consisted about 11 million. Due to the Khazar tradition, modern Jews may outwardly be decent citizens, but their inherited evil is from the father devil, that is, much worse than with other peoples. Every nation has its own inherited evil.

There will be no Third Coming of the Lord on earth, so the Second Coming of the Lord through the writings of Swedenborg is the last. Therefore, the writings of Swedenborg contain all the spiritual knowledge that humanity needs to defeat hells and achieve a connection with God and heaven. The present Swedenborgian Churches have been affected by hells, although only the New Church could defeat the hells. The Swedenborgian priests have become deceived by hells, and they have not understood the true meaning of the New Church, that is, the revelation and defeat of the work of hells and the spreading of knowledge of the true means of salvation which are understanding the true doctrine of the Trinity, daily repentance, and living the Ten Commandments. Swedenborg even predicts that the New Church will first be in the power of hell, that is, its leaders will serve the dragon or the devil (Apocalypsis Explicata, no. 764). Only later will it receive a clergy that does not serve the devil.

The Divine Providence does not allow the devil to take over our entire planet, so the defeat of the devil is by the New Church. But only when it has raised a clergy that no longer eats the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but takes its knowledge into its understanding directly from God, the Lord Jesus Christ. The new Church will be led by God-enlightened priests who will no longer make same mistake of the priests of all previous churches, and thus the eternal covenant between God and man will finally be realized:

But this is the covenant that I will make with the tribe of Israel at those days, saith the LORD; I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” (Jer. 31: 33).

Here, the tribe of Israel does not mean Jews, but regenerated members of the New Church. In general, a Jew, according to the spiritual sense of the Word, means a person living in good and truth – not a member of any particular nation – and Israel the spiritual church. God is not a racist who would put one people or race better than another, but to Him all people are equal, and He wants to save everyone, including the Jews, even if they hate Him. All churches and religions have been destroyed by the fact that their priests have taken their understanding of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that is, of their own earthly understanding and not of God. Secular understanding is tainted by inherited evil that produces lies and evil. The Priests of the New Church must be the first and eternal to eat exclusively the tree of life and to develop into spiritual-celestial people. Only such a clergy can lead the New Church and lead people to know God and to heaven. To this end, the Heavenly Doctrine has come through Swedenborg, which gives these priests enlightenment and they will develop into spiritual-celestial men as they live strictly in accordance with this doctrine, continually repenting of their sins and living the Ten Commandments.

The power of hell in world politics cannot be understood without knowing the Talmud religion of the Khazars, that is, the Jews, their history, character, and goals. A good example of studying is the website https://www.islam-radio.net, which is, despite of its shortcomings, an excellent library of international politics. The Jews are very well organized – they also have strong fighting organizations in many countries – and are led by a secret international committee called “Wise Men of Zion,” the “serpent’s head” of the Jewish snake like the “wife” represented by the New Church in Genesis (Gen. 3: 15). The goals of this “serpent’s head” are world domination and the destruction or enslavement of other peoples. The Jews’ quest for world power and the weakening of other nations is also reflected in Dr. Max Mandelstam’s opening speech at the Basel Zionist Conference on August 29, 1897 (Le Temps, September 3, 1897):“The Jews must use all means and all their power to prevent the rise and success of all other nations in order to achieve our historical goal of world power.” For this, they need World War III, which is in their plans. If they were to gain power on our planet, they would be in power with complete control of the world’s media and advanced psychological terror based on lies. The means of this secret committee for world power are interest-based fiscal policy, which they dominate globally, the massive takeover of the media internationally, where they are already almost successful, false propaganda about the “innocent people of God” and the biggest lie, the “holocaust”, in which they cover up their cruel history and international crimes which have caused the deaths of tens of millions of people by taking the United States into World Wars and with the Russian Revolution, which was a purely Jewish operation and the first attempt at world conquest by communism. The Masonic organization is also under their control. And all this because of their devilish goal that is, to take over the earth, which the Divine Providence will not allow to happen. “The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, ’I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will all be yours’” (Luke 4: 5-7). This devil the Jews are serving. However, ordinary Jews are often decent citizens (that is anti-Zionists) who do not know they are involved in this world conquest of devil at all, yet they unknowingly work for its goals.

Judaism poses the most serious threat to human existence on our planet now, as in the time of Jesus, so crushing the power of “serpent’s head” is one of the tasks of the New Church. This is because the biblical prophecy of the New Jerusalem, or New Church, and the return of paradise to our planet cannot be fulfilled unless the power of hells is overthrown beforehand. If the Jews won World War III as they have won the first and second, it would be the end of all the influx from heaven and this the Providence will not allow happen. Jews have experienced many forms of persecution throughout their history, and they want revenge on humanity by creating a hellish dictatorship covering the entire globe. Only God can prevent this with the help of the New Church, and it is done by crushing that “serpent’s head” that those “Wise Men of Zion” form (Gen. 3: 15). The Jews can still be saved if they themselves destroy the power of their leaders, the “Wise Men of Zion,” for these “Wise Men” are real criminals toward humanity and lead ordinary Jews toward the complete destruction that would result from World War III. Then we would no longer talk about “six million,” which is a lie, but 20 million, which would not be a lie. Also, all innocent Jews would be destroyed because of these “Wise Men’s” mentally ill plans. By crushing that “serpent’s head” the New Church will also save the Jewish people from certain destruction. Ordinary Jews (that is anti-Zionists) should be involved in that crushing. A renowned Benjamin Freedman, a Khazar Jew himself, has already participated in this crushing (Google). So-called revisionists are also involved in this crushing.

The Jewish question was also most important in the time of Jesus: the hell of the Jews was the worst and God himself had to incarnate as a Jew to defeat them. The power of the angels in heaven was not enough. There is no need for incarnation now, because the Second Coming of the Lord, which came through the works of Swedenborg, gives mankind a weapon to defeat again the powerful hells of the Jews, which threaten to destroy all mankind. And this weapon is the Divine Truth that exposes the operation of hell, that is, the international deception of the Jews.

The New Church is the ultimate salvation of mankind from the power of hell, and therefore the Divine Providence most closely guides it and its development. Other religions are gradually disappearing from the face of the earth. The doctrine of the New Church, applied in practice, gives man enlightenment from God in spiritual matters and leads all mankind back to paradise, that is, to eat the tree of life. This is the main goal of the New Church other goals are just tools for this. The present swedenborgian Churches are not yet this New Jerusalem of Revelation, for its true clergy are yet to come. The New Church is the crown of the Churches of all time because it has been given the most complete account of the world of spirits, heaven and hell, Heavenly Doctrine, and God itself. The basic teaching of the New Church is simple: believe in one God, the Divine Trinity in the Lord God Jesus Christ, repent daily, and do not sin. Sins are perfectly set forth in the Ten Commandments drawn by the finger of God (Exodus 20: 1-17) and the Divine Trinity and repentance:

https://newchristianbiblestudy.org/swedenborg/ and in “True Christian Religion” or in the book “The Second Coming of the Lord:


The danger:

The world is not threatened by climate change or pollution, but by the forces that can bring about a world war – a nuclear war. This power is the international Jews, led by the group “Wise Men of Zion” consecrated to the teachings of the Talmud. This secret group caused the two wars to escalate into world wars and the Russian Revolution, which killed tens of millions of people. In the next World War, billions of people would die. This force strives for total power in the world. Behind this power is a devilish religion – the Talmud, or the devil himself. Christian churches have submitted to the legislature of this power by supporting Israel and international Zionism, that is, allied with the devil. The holocaust lie is the most powerful weapon of this devil. It has enabled Jews to make even the slightest criticism or presentation of a fact about Jews “incitement against an ethnic group,” when in fact Jews themselves are guilty of inciting an ethnic group – the Germans – by spreading the holocaust lie. Only the New Church created by the Lord can save mankind from this devil. This requires a struggle with the weapon of the New Church – the Divine Truth – no other weapon can defeat this devil. Spreading the truth about this devil to every corner of the world will destroy this devil. Such action is the greatest possible love of neighbour, for its purpose is to save all mankind from the devil. More about this devil: http://www.islam-radio.net/finish/power/rosenthal.htm 

Mankind is now in a similar situation as Adam and Eve once were: whether we eat from the tree of life or believe the serpent (Jews) and eat from the tree of good and evil. Now we have to make the right choice, because it is a matter of life and death. Now, however, we have a weapon that neither Adam nor Eve had: the doctrine of life of the New Church based on the Ten Commandments. If we immediately decide to follow the Ten Commandments as set forth in this booklet, we will begin to cleanse the spiritual world of the Jewish devils who are ultimately behind all the evil in the world. Now is the time for the peoples to comprehend the secret of the Jews: the world conquest of the devil as a total attack on humanity. The weapons are an arsenal like no other power has had in human history: complete control of information through various media and politics, now even an attempt to change people’s genetic heritage to make world conquest easier.

My father was neither a mystic nor a believer, but he had one special experience. Once walking in the deep forest against him on the path came a big viper. Well, there were a lot of vipers in the area. But this viper was special. It had a
crown on the head of it! My father, as usual, trampled this viper to death. To me, this vision of my father is a foretaste that will soon happen. The new Church, or the Church of the Second Coming of the Lord, is a wife (Rev. 21: 9, 10; Genesis 3:15) who treads that viper’s head, or ”Wise Men of Zion”. The viper with the crown today is Lord Jacob Rothschild. Jews appear as vipers in the spiritual world (Matt. 3: 7).

Modern religions have betrayed the people of the earth and blocked contact with God and heaven, which is why the Jews, or the devil, have come to rule our planet. Only now the Church of the Second Coming of the Lord, founded on a new Christian theology from God through Emanuel Swedenborg, has been born and begun to work and the future can be seen and “a new heaven and a new earth” (Rev. 21: 1), that is, this church has now united the whole angelic heaven. This church is crushing the power of the Jews, or the “serpent’s head” (Genesis 3:15), and giving a new theology, creating a new philosophy, a new science, a new art, and a whole new way of life for mankind: “And he that sat on the throne said, ’Behold, I make all things new’” (Rev. 21: 5). The intelligence of the people of this Church is increasing, and they will understand the inner meanings of the Word. This Church bases its guidance on the two most precious treasures of mankind: The Ten Commandments and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as the unfolding of the inner meanings of the Word and announcing the Heavenly Doctrine in the works of Emanuel Swedenborg. And not forget the Bible itself, of course.

BENJAMIN KIVILOHKARE, miles Domini, pontifex primus

The Church of the Second Coming of the Lord


Theology of the New Church:



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Appendix: The Inherited Evil of the Jews

All men and nations have inherited their wickedness, but among the Jews it is different from others. Namely, after the murder of the incarnation of God, the Jews continued the daily murdering of God with their religion, compiled in the Talmud, which is a kind of manual of the devil. Its teachings have been fed to Jewish children and youth for 2,000 years now, resulting in the inherited evil of the Jews, which manifests itself in their behavior as opposition to the Divine Order, which they have also learned to conceal from non-Jews. Thus, the inherited evil of the Jew is the devil himself, that is, they worship the devil in everything, either consciously or unconsciously. The devil’s goals include capturing the entire planet and enslaving other peoples. It also includes extreme racism, according to which only Jews are human beings and other peoples are animals, and that a Jew is free to kill people of other nations without committing sin. Relying on this, they have caused wars, e.g. two world wars.

The character of the Jews is best described by Emanuel Swedenborg: “It is a nation that is completely different from other peoples, and that there is an attempt to destroy and distort everything that belongs to society, and whenever the opportunity arises, they participate in such activities and receive nothing else as great joy as the destruction of the laws of order, that is, the laws of society, for they have an internalized hatred of the Order itself, which is the Lord. I have a lot of experience with this.” (Spiritual Diary, No. 2260).



kruunu 2



1. There is only one God.

2. This one God is the being (Esse) itself, which is Jehovah.

3. This God Himself is from eternity and is therefore eternity itself.

4. God, because He is the being (Esse) itself and of eternity, He is the Creator of the universe.

5. This one God is Love itself and Wisdom itself and thus Life itself.

6. He created the universe from Divine Love through Divine Wisdom, or from Divine Good through Divine Truth.

7. The purpose of creating the universe He had an angelic heaven from the human race.

8. And as a result, His Love and Wisdom communicate and unite with people and angels and thus their blessing and happiness to eternity.

9. This goal was in God the Creator from eternity and is in Him to eternity, and thus the preservation of His creation to eternity.

10. Through Divine Outgoing, God is Almighty, Omnipresent, and Omniscient.


1. Redemption involved the defeat of the hells and the ordering of the heavens, and the preparation of a new spiritual church.

2. Without Redemption, man could not have been saved, nor could angels have continued to be in happiness.

3. The Lord thus redeemed not only men but also angels.

4. Redemption was thus a purely Divine act.

5. This Redemption could not take place except by the incarnation of God.

6. The crucifixion was the Lord’s last temptation, the attack of hell, which He, as the greatest prophet, suffered and ultimately defeated hell and glorified His Human, so the crucifixion of Jesus was the instrument of Redemption, but not the Redemption itself.

7. This notion that the crucifixion was Redemption itself is a fundamental error in the Christian churches of today. The crucifixion was the Lord’s last temptation, not more.

8. This error, combined with the error of the Divine Trinity, has distorted the doctrine of the present Christian churches, leaving no truth left.


1. The Holy Spirit is the Divine emanating from the One, Infinite, Almighty, Omniscient, and Omnipresent God.

2. In itself, the Holy Spirit is this God Himself, but in relation to the lower things that receive it, it is the Outgoing Divine.

3. The Divine called the Holy Spirit proceeds from God Himself through His Divine Human, like that which proceeds from man from His soul through His body. Divine Human is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

4. The Divine, called the Holy Spirit, thus emanates from God through His Divine Human, passes through the angelic heaven and through it into the world, and thus through the angels into men.

5. Then it passes from person to person and in the church mainly from the clergy to the laity. This which is holy is constantly given, but it withdraws if one does not approach the Lord Himself directly.

6. The outgoing Divine called the Holy Spirit in its own special sense is the Holy Word and the Divine Truth therein.

7. Its operations are Reformation and Regeneration, followed by Revival and Salvation.

8. In the respect of one who recognizes and confesses the Divine Truth that comes out of the Lord, he recognizes and confesses God, and in the proportion where everyone does according to the Ten Commandments or Divine Truth, he is in the Lord and the Lord in him.

9. Spirit, in the case of man, is intelligence and whatever comes out of it.


1. There is a Divine Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is evident from the Word (Matthew 28:19). The Father means Jehovah, or the origin of God incomprehensible to man, to which Divine Love is essentially associated. The Son means the Divine Truth, that is, the glorified body of Jesus, and the Divine outflow from the Father by means of the Son is the Holy Spirit.

2. These three, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, are the three attributes of one God that make one, just as soul, body, and action make one in man.

3. Before the creation of the world there was no Trinity, but after creation, when God incarnated in the world, it was born, and is the Trinity of the Lord God the Redeemer and the Savior Jesus Christ.

4. The trinity of the three separate gods before Creation is the notion of the trinity of gods, which is not removed by the oral recognition that there is one God.

5. The trinity of three different persons, namely God, was unknown in the apostolic doctrine, but was presented in the Council of Nicaea and was adopted from it in the Catholic Church and from it in the churches which separated from the Catholic Church.

6. The doctrine of the trinity presented in the creeds of Nicaea and Athanasius has given rise to faith in the three gods, which has distorted the entire Christian church.

7. Out of this false trinity has arisen the abomination of devastation, of which the Lord describes in the Daniel, the Gospels, and the Book of Revelation.

8. If the Lord had not created a new heaven and earth, no flesh would have been saved.

9. The trinity of three separate persons, all of whom are gods according to the creed of Athanasius, has given rise to many conflicting and inappropriate conceptions of God, which are delusional and monstrous, and which have utterly destroyed the Christian church, along with the misconception that Jesus’ crucifixion was the Redemption itself.


In addition to the natural or literal meaning, the Word of God has a spiritual or spiritual and a celestial meaning. These latter two meanings only became known through the works of Swedenborg. The spiritual meaning is related to the church and the coelestinal meaning to God. These inner meanings are not revealed to man until he lives the Ten Commandments, believing in the Trinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God is only those books of the Bible that have an internal, that is, spiritual and coelestial meaning. For example, in the New Testament, the Word of God is just the four gospels and the Book of Revelation. In the Old Testament, the Word of God is not Ruth, the First and Second Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Proverbs, Preacher, and the High Song; the other books are the Word of God (in the Finnish Church Bible).


1. The Second Coming of the Lord

The Lord raised a scientist from the Swedish Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) and appeared to him in 1745, ordering him to write the spiritual meaning contained in the Word. Swedenborg’s theological works are thus the Second Coming of the Lord. They are, along with the Ten Commandments and other parts of the Word, the most important Divine Revelation to mankind, which took place as a cooperation between God and man, i.e. God opened the understanding of Swedenborg and Swedenborg wanted to write and wrote everything he understood on paper. Thus, the Revelation of God and the will of man were united, that is, it was the cooperation of man and God.

2. The Last Judgment

The Last Judgment has taken place on our planet four times, the last of which was in 1757 in the world of spirits, like previous judgments. In this judgment, the world of spirits cleansed of evil spirits who had created in the world of spirits pseudo-heavens that blocked the influx from the right heavens to the people on earth. These spirits were mainly Christians who had lived outwardly pious and good lives, but who were inwardly evil. This judgment restored free will in spiritual matters to the people of our planet. It was due to free will that the deep hells of the Jews were also set free, and they are the result of the increasing power of hell in the world today.

3. The New Church

After the Last Judgment, the New Church, founded on the works of Swedenborg, first came under the control of evil spirits (Apocalypsis Explicata, no. 764). However, it translated the new theology from Latin into other languages and in this had its benefits. Its clergy consisted mainly of dragons. The Real New Church is now born in a small group in Finland. The task of the New Church is not only to spread the doctrine of the New Jerusalem, or Heavenly Doctrine, but also to crush the power of the Jewish hells, for the New Church is the wife of the Lamb (Gen. 3:15). Jewish hells are threatening to destroy the entire mankind. The operation of the New Church is based on the cooperation between God and man, which takes place when God opens understanding in priests who will do the things they understand. It is because of this that the New Church is an eternal Church that will never be destroyed like the previous churches. The New Church considers keeping the Ten Commandments and the recognition of the Divine of Jesus as main Doctrine.

4. Regeneration

Rebirth occurs when man confesses the Lord Jesus Christ as God, with the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as man has soul, body, and soul-to-body action. In addition, one must repent, that is, confess one’s sins to the Lord and ask Him to forgive, and then one must live the Ten Commandments as explained in the New Church Doctrine. In this way, as one lives, one is confronted with the temptations he overcomes by relying on the Lord and the Ten Commandments found at the beginning of this booklet. More information: New Christian Bible Study

5. Temptations

There are no temptations today because current religions are not connected to God or heaven. If the modern man were tempted, he would lose and therefore God will not allow temptation to the members of the present churches. Instead, the issue is quite different for the New Church members. They possess genuine truths and the Heavenly Doctrine to defend themselves against the spirits of hell, so God allows hell to tempt them because through temptation they combine truth with good. Temptation, then, is the attack of hell on the reborn. When a person overcomes temptation with the help of the Lord, his intelligence increases, and truth and good unite in him. Every member of the New Church is tempted. There are spiritual and celestial temptations. In spiritual temptations truth and falsity fight, in coelestial good and evil. Spiritual temptations are mild and often open the layer of the human spiritual mind within a few weeks. Celestial temptations are heavy and last for years. Spiritual temptations test a person’s love for worldly things that he is not allowed to worship. Coelestial temptations test the evils of self-love that man must not covet. Temptations can be accompanied by physical pain, making them very intense. The last stage of temptation is despair, followed by consolation.

The temptations of the Lord

When the Lord lived on earth, He was subject to constant temptation right from childhood. He had, contrary to Catholic belief, a body contaminated with the evil inherited from his mother, to which He received the attacks of hell, or temptations. He overcame all temptations with His Divine power from His soul, the Father Jehovah. The Lord’s reigning love was the love to all mankind, and if He had not accepted temptation and thus overcome hell, the entire human race would have been destroyed. When the Lord was in temptation, He spoke to the Father, or Jehovah, as if to an outsider. Through temptation, the Lord connected God Himself, or the Father, with His Human and made it Divine. Like man, the Lord was in despair for the final stage of temptation. Therefore, He cried out on the cross, “My God, why did you forsake me”. Rejection meant the complete rejection of the human inherited from the mother. The Lord could not be tempted against His Divine, for hell cannot attack Divine. Therefore, He took from His mother the kind of human that the hell could tempt. The Lord overcame all His temptations completely.

6. Marriage

Marriage is different in the New Church from what it was in the old. The New Church itself is the marriage of the Lord and the Church. In the book of Revelation (21: 9), ”Come hither, and I will shew thee the bride, the wife of the Lamb.” True marriage arises from the union of good and truth, which is the Divine Law. The actual marriage depends on the state of the church in man, and only people who have the church in their mind man can live in a real marriage. Modern Christianity has obscured the knowledge about the origins of marriage. For this reason, the people of our time do not know the spiritual basis of sexuality; sexuality is understood as mere a drive. However, it is sex life that is the area through which spiritual and celestial things are most clearly manifested. The writings of modern psychologists reveal complete ignorance of the ultimate essence of sexuality.

Man is spiritually reborn when truth and good are combined in him. Similarly, man is born into physical life from the union of woman and man. The sexual need persists in another life as well. Satisfying sex and loving marriage are two different things. Sex drive belongs to the natural man, but marital love belongs to the spiritual and celestial man. Sex can be satisfied with several partners, but marital love is born only between one man and one woman. The happiness of those living in heavenly marriage is increasing day by day. Sexual need and ability are also constantly increasing.

Modern religions that have no connection to the Lord are unable to protect marriages. Otherwise is the case with the New Church following the Christian Church. This New Church is, in fact, based on an understanding of conjugial love. Swedenborg explains this in his book “Conjugial Love”:

After His Coming the Lord is awakening again conjugial love as it was with ancients for this love is of the Lord alone, and it is only by those who He has made spiritual through the Word.” (Conjugial Love, No. 81).

The New Church, or New Jerusalem, offers humanity a new opportunity to attain the state of conjugal love. In heavenly marriage, neither spouse is in a dominant position, for in it the will of the wife is also the will of the man, and the understanding of the man is also the understanding of the wife, because the other wills and thinks the same as the other. The will of the wife coincides with the understanding of the man and the understanding of the man with the will of the wife. This is what the Word means

And the two become one flesh … So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Matthew 19: 5, 6).

The members of the New Church will have an incomprehensibly great happiness inherent in spiritual and heavenly marriage. Such happiness has not been known for millennia, that is, only ancient people lived in the kind of happiness that is now offered to members of the New Church. This happiness is achieved by married couples who live the Ten Commandments acknowledging the Divine Trinity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

7. Baptism and the Holy Supper

Baptism was established as a sign that man belongs to the church and must be born again, for baptism means nothing more than spiritual purification, or rebirth. Thus, baptism is not the salvation which man attains only by being regenerated of the Lord.

The Lord instituted the Lord’s Supper to help the union of the Church and heaven and at the same time the union with the Lord and is therefore the holiest in worship. In the Lord’s Supper the Lord is present in all His Divine Human. The Lord’s Supper includes and encompasses all activities of the Church of Israel in worship, such as sacrifices. The Lord’s Supper replaces the worship of the Church of Israel, just as baptism replaces circumcision.

kruunu 2



Almost all of humanity on our planet is mentally ill. This just goes unnoticed, as outward behavior is flawless for many people and in accordance with the law and regulations. Also, overt symptoms of mental illness are observed in only a small percentage of the population. So where does human mental illness lie if it is claimed that most people on our planet are mentally ill? The question is the most important. And the answer is this: Human mental illness is not revealed until after their physical death in the spiritual world. In addition to the external mind, man has an inner mind, or soul, which we neither see nor clearly feel, but which exists and continues to exist after the death of the physical body in the spiritual world.

The fact that the existence of the soul is not known is already a symptom of a severe mental illness, which, however, is only revealed after physical death, for mental illnesses prevail in hell. In Hell, every spirit – Satan or the devil – is mentally ill, for he denies the existence of God, from the denial of which lies and evil flows into his soul, which in turn brings eternal suffering. The worldview of the spirit of hell is made up of lies, injustices, and evils, and he dreads good and truth. It is a real mental illness. In the world, only certain symptoms invented by psychiatrists and psychologists are counted as mental illness, which have no reasonable basis in reality because the functions of the soul are not known and not even believed to exist. The psychiatrists and psychologists of our time are the worst idiots who can rightly be compared to a car mechanic who does not know the car has an engine. Their ignorance and insane theories produce tremendous suffering for the people of the world and do not cure any “mental illness”. Only now when the New Church, established by the Lord, has come to earth can the scientification of psychiatry and psychology begin, for until now they have been unscientific in excluding the soul from human behavior, even though the soul is man himself, causing the behavior to happen.

Since the soul is not matter but a spiritual substance with no dimension of time or place, it is absurd to try to study it by natural methods. The materialistic worldview of modern psychiatry and psychology is an obstacle to the study of the soul and at the same time to the discovery of methods of healing the soul. The soul must be studied in its own realm, that is, in the spiritual world. But the laws of the spiritual world are related to God and Satan, the devils, spirits and angels, and they belong to religion! This is how atheists claim in horror. But does not man have an understanding that includes logic that can be applied to all objects. Issues of faith are not above understanding, as modern Christianity claims. Swedenborg saw a sign in the heaven that read “NUNC LICET” and it meant that it was now allowed – that is, during the New Church – to penetrate the mysteries of faith with understanding. Previously, this was not allowed. The doctrine of the New Church is based on enlightened understanding and not blind faith like the doctrine of the Old Church.

When the existence of the soul and God is acknowledged, it is a good starting point for true science of soul, and materialistic psychiatry and psychologies can be thrown in the trash. This is aided by the works of Emanuel Swedenborg, who has the sharpest intelligence in world history (IQ 205, according to psychologists at Stanford University). Swedenborg is like the new Aristotle, giving direction not only to new theology, but also to new psychology and psychiatry. His work “Rational Psychology” should be part of the basic teaching of psychology and psychiatry. Swedenborg himself knew that his own time was not yet ripe to receive his works, in which he used completely new terms, and which were too difficult for contemporaries to understand. He writes the following sentence by Lucius Seneca as the motto of one of his works:

Only a few have been born to serve a man who thinks only of the people of his time. Thousands of years and many generations are yet to come. Create your gaze on them, even though silence rests on your own time. One day there will come those who think impartially.” When the existence of the spiritual world and God is known, of course, the question arises as to how they can be used to heal the psyche. This is the question!


The earliest people on our planet and on most other planets today do not have such religions as we do and most do not have any kind of religion at all. In this case, the inhabitants live in direct contact with God and heaven and do not need religion for it. Religions were born only when man began to eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that is, to take his understanding of his own intellect and not of God-enlightened intelligence. Religions were born to restore man to the connection between God and heaven from hell, for God’s purpose in creating the world was an angelic heaven from human race. The psychiatric disorders of modern humans, which psychiatry classifies as “psychoses” in their most serious form, are caused by evil spirits associated with man. These spirits are not removed by the action of chemical drugs, which only paralyze the functioning of the brain, but these spirits can be removed from the human connection only by religious means. This has been known by many African “medicine men” who are despised by modern psychiatry. A whole new psychology and psychiatry can be established for Swedenborg’s works. I leave this development to new students of psychology and psychiatry, who, after first being enlightened themselves through Swedenborg’s rebirth, or healing, can also develop completely new therapies to banish evil spirits and connect good spirits. I leave the task to them. Here, I am just talking about a general method by which most mental illnesses can be cured and which, of course, benefits all people, whether they imagine themselves to be healthy or sick. This method is presented in Chapter 13, or “Repentance,” of my book, The Second Coming of the Lord, An Introduction to The Theological Scriptures by Emanuel Swedenborg. Here is a little bit of the method from a clinical standpoint as well.


I studied psychology at the University of Helsinki for five years before I found Swedenborg’s works. They affected me so much that I immediately left academic psychology and began to study them vigorously. Academic psychology seemed to me to be just intellectual blindness. The improvement, or rather “repentance,” presented by Swedenborg is in his work Vera Christiana Religion, Chapter 9, “Repentance”. Also, in my just mentioned chapter 13 “Repentance”. I present and add the following: The following measures are needed for repentance:

1. Self-examination to detect one’s own sins according to the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are to be understood as set forth in Chapter 8, “The Ten Commandments” (in my book, The Second Coming of the Lord). Sins are not only the deeds themselves, but already the intentions and desire to sin are sins.

2. Repentance and confession of observed sins to the Lord.

3. Ask the Lord for forgiveness of sins and for understanding, strength, and ability to fight sins.

4. Starting a new sinless life.

5. Such repentance must be practiced every day.

There must be a correct understanding of the Lord, which is set forth in Part III of this booklet under “The Divine Trinity”. A misconception about God prevents connection with God and heaven. Therefore, it is better for a person to have only a general conception of some “Higher Being” than to have, for example, the conception of the present Christian churches of Jesus as one of the three gods, which conception immediately blocks contact with God and heaven. The Ten Commandments must also be properly understood. It can be found in Swedenborg’s Vera Christiana Religio (Capitulum V) or in my book “The Second Coming of the Lord” I mentioned above, Chapter 8 and Part I of this booklet. The most important thing to know is that there is only one way for a person to love God, and that is to choose the Commandment and not sin. The Lord does not expect any other love from man.

Repentance removes the dominance of evil spirits in the human soul and it is the healing of the psyche. It happens gradually, just as Jesus overcame temptations, or hell attacks, gradually. The only difference is that Jesus overcame hell with His own Divine Power from the Father, but man overcomes hell by relying on the Lord and especially on the Ten Commandments. However, one does not have to be crucified, but mentally murdered often. Mental murder, for example, is labelling a person “crazy” like many psychiatrists do. I can tell you that when I shared my findings of the correspondences with a psychiatrist, he immediately branded them as delusions. For example, claiming that humans are inhabited on Mars is a delusion, “because science proves otherwise”. However, I know as surely that 2 plus 2 is 4 as there are people, animals, and plants on Mars. Space exploration with “black holes”, “dark matter”, etc. is as ridiculous as it used to be to think of the earth in the shape of a pancake, the topics have just changed. I do not consider a physicist who believes in a special theory of relativity to be sane. The special theory of relativity blocked the study of ethers for more than a hundred years and makes space study speculations of nonsense because the mechanism of ethers is unknown. There are many types of ethers and nothing travels in a “vacuum” which even does not exist.

The repentant can therefore expect resistance. In fact, psychologists and psychiatrists should be avoided, who in the power of materialistic and atheistic delusions can cause difficulties for the reborn. Relatives and acquaintances can also be tempting to the repentant, that is, to the reborn. The reborn must not trust in anything other than in the Lord and only in the Lord. If the RR (RR = reborn and repentant) trusts in anything other than the Lord, he will lose the temptation. It must be remembered that the intelligence of the Lord is infinite, and He knows the life of the reborn, past, present, and the coming thousands of years, so man can trust only in Him 100%. The RR should memorize the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20: 2-17) and read them several times a day. In this way the Commandments gradually enter his soul, and hell cannot attack such a person. Of course, it is also important to read the different meanings of the Commandments from the books mentioned above. Very quickly, the RR:s spiritual layer of the mind opens, but the opening of the celestial layer can take years, because he must fight self-love, which is most important to everyone in the world. Spiritual temptations are mild because they are about loving the world. One can imagine the power of Jesus as He fought millions of satans and devils and overcame them all

Once a person has gotten rid of evil spirits, he must stay away from them for the rest of his life. If he falls into sin again, his condition will get worse and he will lose the temptation. This is what Jesus describes in the following: “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then it says, ’I will return to my room where I left’. And when it comes, meet it in a room empty and swept and beautified. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits, worse than itself, and they come in and live there. And the last of that man will be worse than the first. So, it is with this evil generation.” (Matthew 12: 43-45). The RR should know that a reward in heaven awaits him, which is a much greater reward than can be received on earth. The purpose of life is an angelic heaven from human race, which is why the Lord receives every RR in the finest way. In hell, life is pretty much the same as it is now on earth, where all kinds of evils and injustices rule. The Jews, who chose Barabbas as their god and not Jesus, have grown their hatred against God and mankind so much that they are, as Martin Luther rightly said, living devils, though outwardly they may be any kind of benefactors. Beware of the Jews!

Modern “psychotherapies” are full of nonsense. Psychotherapy does not banish evil spirits. Evil spirits only disappear as man enters the heavenly influx, i.e., being born again in the Lord is the only way to mental health permanently. All psychology and psychiatry are just an indication of the insanity that people have when not leading by Go but leading by hell. This situation has come about because there has been no genuine religion that could have been used to fight against hell. Now is the time for the Lord’s New Church to enter the stage. The New Church is the crown of all the churches in the world, as it also serves as a great spiritual healer, leaving problems such as crime, drugs and so-called mental diseases in history. It also affects the sciences. Swedenborg researcher Alfred Action writes: “The New Church will be the crown of all churches. It differs from earlier churches in that its doctrine illuminates not only the spiritual mind but also the natural mind. It gives the world not only a new theology, but also a new philosophy and a new science. This is because the Lord can be revealed not only as the God of heaven but also as the God of the earth; not only as the God of theologians, but also as the God of philosophers and scientists. ”(An Introduction to the Word Explained).

Swedenborg’s works are really large. There is a total of about four meters shelf of Latin-written text in the natural sciences and theological works together. It is one of the greatest intellectual achievements in the history of mankind. The fact that Swedenborg’s works are hardly known is partly due to that many of them are difficult to understand. In addition, he opposed the doctrine of both the Catholic and the Reformed churches and revealed terrible things about the Jews. However, a new philosophy of science can be established from his works, not to mention that his theological works are the Second Coming of the Lord. Author August Strindberg writes: ”Swedenborg’s works are immeasurably extensive and he has answered all my questions, down to the most severe.” (Legends). Ralph Emerson aptly describes Swedenborg in his book “Great Men”: “He is one of the mammoths and mastodonts of literature, and his greatness cannot be measured even by the scientific societies of ordinary scholars. His huge presence can stagger the faculties of entire universities.” What made Swedenborg such a giant of spirit. The answer is simple: he was cleansed of all self-love and worldly love to serve the Lord without regard for his worldly reputation. He writes his name and title at the end of his last published work, Vera Christiana Religio: Emanuel Swedenborg, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us learn from him and read his works.

Most of the types of evil spirits should be eliminated when used according to the instructions in the five-point healing technique outlined above. There are, however, evil spirits that almost no method can eliminate, but they are rare and, after all, there is a cure for them, for the Lord is Almighty, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, for whom nothing good is impossible. The new psychologists and psychiatrists of the New Church have a challenging, but interesting, job ahead of them. Many other sciences can find solutions to their problems in his works.

Mankind today faces the same problem as Adam and Eve once did: shall they eat of the tree of life or of the knowledge of good and evil? When we take as our guide the works of Emanuel Swedenborg and life according to the Ten Commandments, we eat the tree of life and paradise returns to earth after being away for thousands of years. Now we can create a new theology, a new science, a new art, and a new way of life based on them, that is, the message of Revelation comes true (21: 5) “And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new”.







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